Returning to School essay


Returningto School

Returningto School

Returningto school is not easy, but it remains an inevitable decision. Themove allows one to enhance his or her skills and knowledge. Schoolsoffer an opportunity for one to acquire further academic knowledgethrough guidance by a tutor. It is noteworthy that schools developcurriculum with significant consideration of the educationalobjectives. Another important factor is that the world keeps changingwith time hence, the need to acquire additional knowledge to meetthe new industry demands and expectations.

Further,returning to school is driven by the need to enhance one’scompetitiveness in the job market. With a high number of graduates inthe job souk, there is increased competition among the applicants. Assuch, employers look for the most qualified individuals for a givenposition. Educational competence is an essential consideration by theemployers. A combination of academic and practical skills enhancesthe eligibility of a recruit. Moreover, returning to school acts as aconfidence builder to a person. One is exposed to a deeper level ofthinking and exposure. It is also noteworthy that returning to schoolallows one to create his or her social network composed of learnedpersons (Rose, 2012).

Additionally,one may return to school to gain educational knowledge that allowshim or her to switch jobs. Economics of scale and outsourcing haverendered some people jobless, therefore, the need to seekopportunities in other fields. The credentials acquired can help oneto switch jobs and enhance competitive advantage. We also recognizethat returning to school may help one in obtaining more opportunitiessuch as job promotion and increased remuneration perks. For somepeople, however, they go back to school because that is a sign ofprestige and success (Rose, 2012).


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