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Retirementis a constant dilemma on the heads of the huge percentage of theworking class individuals. To some, the best retirement plan entailssettling down with the family in a nice suburb and carries outsmall-scale farming and watch over the children and the grandchildrenwhen lucky. Such cohorts spend immense resources, time, and money, tobuild up a family home upon which they will settle once theretirement age approaches. To others, retirement is a plan to move tosome of the recognized retiring towns and age down happily, as theylive life to the fullest in their last days. Such destinationsinclude Florida and Philippines that get huge recognition and praisefor offering quality services to the elderly. The cost of living,healthcare systems, and the quality of life around the two nationshave great attributes in direct relation to the elderly people.Florida houses numerous elderly homes, same as the serene environmentin the Philippines to house expats. The two offer a close link byoffering their infrastructure and resources to the elderly who opt toretire to the two towns.

Specialfocus on the healthcare conditions in the Philippines is among thetop priorities for people opting to retire there. Apart from thebeaches and the perfect tropical climate in the Philippines, thenation offers a welcoming English-speaking populace that augments thenatural beauty of the nation (Ho2016).The cost of living is lower than that of Florida, and the affordablehealthcare lures many expats to settle in the Philippines. Theaffordable healthcare in the Philippines attributes itself to thegrowing population rates in the Asian continents. Amid the populationgrowth, the governments of the nations place a huge emphasis ontaking care of the epidemiological shift from the infectious diseasesto provide treatment to the various chronic disease occurrences (Ho2016).In so doing, a huge emphasis is placed on the diseases that affectthe elderly. In addition, the most of the nations in the Asiancontinent such as the Philippines are still developing, making thehealthcare an affordable service to the sick. Hence, expats flock thenation setting up retirement plans. The Philippines has public andprivate medical institutions. However, the services offered in thehealth institutions are not as high end as the ones offered in thehospitals in Florida and other US parts. The health practitioners inthe Philippines graduate from high-end universities and have doctorsfrom the US extending their expertise in the nation. Florida, on theother hand, has high-end medical services to those opting to retire.The region has an average cost of personal health higher than that ofthe average spending per capita for the whole US (Collier 2015). Withthe comfortable weather, the well-developed estates and the high carevalue for the elderly place Florida among the top retirementdestinations for most people.

Thecost of living in Florida is among the highest in the States ofAmerica. Florida has the highest homeowners’ insurance rates in thecountry, and has the highest rates of motor vehicle registrationinsurance rates rank higher than most states (Collier 2015). Thebasic services of water provision and sewer services have high ratesthan other states in the country. In addition, Florida has possiblehigh sales tax since the Florida counties have the power to tack ontothe state sales tax rates (Collier 2015). Despite the high state ofliving in Florida, many old couples search tirelessly for a good spotto settle in Florida, with a selection of elderly homes from thequality of services in Florida. High-end experiences carried out byprofessionals make Florida a dream retiring home for many people. ThePhilippines, when compared to Florida, has a lower cost of living.The prices for housing, the food, and labor fall within a reasonablerange. Despite the low cost of living in the Philippines, the nationenjoys a uniquely favorable currency exchange rate. Many expatssettle to retire in the Philippines from the low cost of living thatstill maintains a tolerable quality of retirement life. Major hotelsin the cities of Philippines, departmental stores, banks, andauthorized money dealers allow money exchange rates in their paypoints. Besides, major credit card merchants like Visa, MasterCard,Diners Club, American Express, and Bank Americard have a stringestablishment in the Philippines hence, the global expats comfortablysettle in the nation.

TheQuality of Life Index in the Philippines lies at 66.67 (Haskins2014). The purchasing power index is very low, with it the climateindex, and the cost of living index. The quality of life ranks thatthe populace of a nation is happy with their current livingconditions. Florida has a higher quality of life compared to thePhilippines, hence the reason why most retiring couples opt to settlein Florida. The satisfaction of the population has a basis on factorssuch as the nation’s economy, opportunities, and availableentrepreneurship, education of the masses, governance, safetymeasures, and the freedom of the individuals and the flow of thesocial capital. Focusing on the factors mentioned above, Floridaleads the Philippines in the accomplishment of the factors. To thatregard, retiring in Florida may have many benefits than thoseaccorded after retiring in the Philippines. The government ofPhilippines is slow to promote the development of the nation hencethe nation still looms in unemployment crisis and low delivery of thesocial services (Haskins 2014). Florida has excellent governancepolicies from the integrated counties and service delivery to thepopulace nears commendable. More so, many people opting to settle inFlorida have spent years working in leading institutions. Hence, theyend up gathering adequate capital by the time they retire to supportthe lifestyle and uphold the cost of living found in Florida.

Inconclusion, the two regions mentioned in the write-up are perfectretirement destinations with the varying factors depending on thechoice of the retiring individual. Florida offers high-end services,has a high cost of living and offers developed infrastructure and thehealth care for the elderly is specialized. The factors push thewealthy and expats to settle in Florida in their retirement ages asthey seek to spend their days off work enjoying the beautifulscenarios in Florida. The Philippines qualifies as a top retirementdestination from the natural climate, beaches, and scenarios thatattract a huge populace to retire on its lands. The affordability andaccessibility of the basic services to the expats push thePhilippines up the charts to rank as an ideal retirement home. Bothdestinations offer a unique package of factors that attract aretiring population and work effortlessly to ensure they remain ontop of their service provision to the elderly. The people choosingfrom a wide range of retirement destinations find marvel in the twodestinations from the personification of available services thatdistinguish the locations from the others.


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