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Responsesto Question 1q1

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Responsesto Question 1q1

Whatare some ethical considerations in doing research and applyingstatistics?

Ethicsare the rules of conduct, which differentiate between acceptable, andunacceptable behavior. In doing research and applying statistics indifferent fields, there are some essential things that one shouldconsider. First, one should strive to be honest, and display a highlevel of integrity, and professionalism in any form of scientificcommunication (Flick, 2015). Some of the shared information orstatistical data can be used in critical fields such as medicine. Oneshould also aim at avoiding bias in all aspects of research wheresuch is required. Other key considerations include competence,respect for intellectual property, openness, and avoiding carelesserrors in the presentation of results.

Whatare some consequences for the field and for the researcher of notfollowing ethical reporting guidelines?

Failureto consider ethical guidelines leads to release of false information.Such information might mislead other individuals and professions whorely on the results. A breach of ethical principles in the medicalfield, for example, leads to wrong information or statistics, whichcan result in loss of life or disastrous effects of the same. Thepresence of bias and falsehood can result in misleading informationwithin the business field causing organizations to fail (Hair, 2011).A decent example is when false statistics are given on the market ofa product. Such can result in the formulation of wrong strategies,hence failure of a business entity. Inability to consider ethicalprinciples in research may destroy the researcher’s reputationleading to the suspension of his or her project. In cases whereplagiarism is noted, legal action can be taken against the researchersubjecting him or her to fines or incarceration for infringement ofcopyright laws.

Whyare these consequences significant?

Publicationof work that is ethically questionable can be disastrous. It is,therefore, important to restrict any workthat fails to regard the ethical guidelines. Consequences such aspenalties on the researcher for not following the required standardsaim at improving integrity and professionalism in research, hencetheir significance (Srivastava, 2011). They also make the scientistknow the importance of considering ethical conducts in both researchand application of statistics.


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