Response to Amanda Sawyer essay

Responseto Amanda Sawyer


Inmy opinion, I do not concur with the fact that Lock blames women forsinful mankind. I believe she knows that humankind is sinful innature. Therefore, she believes in the power of redemption throughasking God for forgiveness. She believes that human beings may feelhelpless but there is hope in God. However, I agree in Lanyer`ssupport for women strength and appeasing people to respect those whobore them. To her, women are a special team that is as strong as men.She has drawn the power from her environment that was feminine. Inaddition, she has lived to believe in that strength and would likepeople to adopt her way of looking at things.


Responseto Emily Krieger


Itend to disagree on the fact that Lanyer believes in the power of menand that she is telling other women to accept it. Lanyer grows in anenvironment of women. In her solitude and out of nostalgia, she doeswriting to express her feelings. The environment makes her happy. Shehas learned the strength in women and she believes in it. Through herexperiences, when believed that women can do as much as men can doand it is her experience that makes her to believe in women. That isthe reason as to why she writes to the world outside to stopundermining women. To her, they are not to blame for a sinful nature.They also bare the respect as the men perceived to be so strong areborn of these women.