Responding to Historian Barbara Fields` perception of Civil War essay


Responding to Historian Barbara Fields’ perception of Civil War

Responding to Historian Barbara Fields’ perception of Civil War

I agree with Barbara Fields’ claim that the fruits of the civil warare yet to be realized centuries after the war ended. The currentgeneration has a task of fighting in real civil war, promote equalityand provide affordable housing for all.

I agree with her sentiments because there are still traces of racismin the USA, centuries after the black community fought in the civilwar. The promises made to the community during the civil war wereoutshined by the need thirst for white supremacy. The oppressed hadto fight another civil war in the mid-20th Century inorder to actualize the promises of equality that were made to themduring the civil war. Even after the struggle, the black community isyet to realize the full benefits of fighting against racism.

Current events that support Ms. Fields’ claim include the massincarceration of minority groups in the USA, racial discriminationand the repeated shootings of unarmed black people from the samegroups.

What Ms. Fields implies is that although the older generations madetremendous steps in the fight against discrimination, inequality, andracism, the young generation has a lot more to do in regards toinstitutionalized racism. The young generations should be up in armspetitioning the government to do away with institutionalized racism.Factors such as mass incarceration of minority groups, biased deathsentences for the minority groups, and underdevelopment of socialamenities for the minority groups are all elements ofinstitutionalized racism. We should respond to this injustice bysaying ‘No’ in unison. The current generation civil war will notbe fought using guns, but with knowledge and petitions.