Repetitions of Revolutions and Napoleonic Era essay

The history repeats itself as most of the people know. Events that happened in the past may occur in the present or even in the future but with different casts. It was just a cycle that repeats all over again. Despite of inevitable development and changes in this world, still there will be ironies and recurrence of happenings that could either is useful or non sense. In the history, there were so many important dates remembered regarding those world turning events.

One of those times is American Revolution. Blythe (1976) cited that the declaration of American independence have pointed that all men are created equal and that they have given by God unalienable rights which are life, liberty, and right to happiness. These thought have been extremely powerful compared to statements that have ever been put on paper. From the timeline of American Revolution, the proclamation of independence seems to be very influential especially to nationalists and colonialist.

This event in turn, can be unconsciously being compared to what Philippines have fought for during Spanish colonization and literary works of Jose Rizal which opened the nationalistic minds of the Filipino people. The French Revolution was also considered to be one of the most significant events in world history that continues to captivate public after people in France have rebelled to their rulers. The initiation of war was stimulated by corrupt government and abusive rulers in terms of power.

Its repetition in the present reflects the civil wars that have took place. Napoleon Bonaparte being the central focus of Napoleonic era has been known for being the greatest military leader in history. He was once portrayed to be a power hungry conqueror because his goals were intended by putting rules on his own hands, as James (1999) stated. Teter (2006) explained that Napoleonic memoirs, messages and literature open a window into the past, providing a plenty of details, not only about military events, but also about daily life.

Adolf Hitler in some way has similar characteristics with Bonaparte and similarly they fall because of their greed in supremacy and power. The cases of history repetition are incontrollable because people, places, and things were constantly changing and the changes that could have took place can bring back what have happened in the past.


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