Renaissance Love Poetry essay


Blazon is a type of poetry that refers to the correlation of variousparts of the body of a woman to creation components. To begin with,Shakespeare uses blazon funnily in his sonnets, the poem that adoresa feminine lover through contrasting every part of her body withsomething gorgeous or beautiful (Shakespeare, 1975).

For example,

My mistress` eyes are nothing like the sun

Coral is far redder than her lips` red

If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun

If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head” (Sonnet130).

Also, Spenser makes use of Blazon in his poem,which he in favour of his lover amid 1590 (Spenser, 1901). Hispoem lists the qualities of body parts of a woman. For example,

Her lips did smell like unto Gillyflowers,

Her ruddy cheeks like unto Roses red:

Her snowy brows like budded Bellamoures,

Her lovely eyes like Pinks but newly spre”(Sonnet 64).

Lastly, there is also an aspect of Blazon inCampion’s poetry. Campion correlates her lover’s bodyparts with creation through similes and metaphors. The kind ofcorrelation every body part of a woman to the beauty of creationmakes her turn into an out of reach and nearly godlike woman(Campion, 1928). For example

Her eyes like angels watch them still,

Her brows like bended bows do stand” (Sonnet 39).

The overriding or common theme in Shakespeare, Spenser and Campion’sSonnets is “Love.” As per Love definition, the craving for abeautiful outer appearance involves &quotrelenting to the true godlylove. The above mentioned authors describe their lovers’ externalbeauty characteristics, which make their loved ones resemblespiritual figures. They all mean that true love in embodied in awoman’s attractiveness physically.

From the above poetry analysis, Elizabethanladies were required to submit to male individuals within theirfamily units without a doubt. Also Elizabethan females wouldn’tattend school or receive any prescribed form of training. TheirEducation only comprised of how to manage a family and all householdtasks. Their learning was entirely household-oriented and all set formarriage, which was the solitary real calling choice for every girl.

To conclude,from the look of the contemporary society love songs and lyrics thepreoccupations are the same as that of the conventional society.There is no any change since all of such songs/poems still talk aboutlove and cherish it a lot.


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