René Descartes Discourse on the Method essay

RenéDescartes: Discourse on the Method

RenéDescartes: Discourse on the Method

RenéDescartes in the Discourseon the Method goeson to analyze the imaginations that people have about the actualsense of how things are. In the beginning, he indicates that peopleare not supposed to rely on their senses because they are bound todeceive them into imagining things that are not there. By doing this,he introduces ‘truth’ in a way that it appears as false. He viewsit as hypothetical in that he aims to analyze it into coming up withsome conclusions that may be relied upon (Bennett, 2007). One of theviews that can be established at the end of the text is the surpriseending that he gives out. He states that reason does insist thatpeople need to have notions or ideas that are based upon a certainfoundation of truth. This, therefore, goes a long way in showing thatreason is not as misleading as he earlier put it.

Theviews of Descartes go a long way to touch on the various culturalaspects of life. Cultural, social and artistic contributions help tomake people be aware of their environment and aim to make it muchbetter (Harlaftis, Tenold, and Valdaliso, 2012). When these aspectsare placed by their historical context, they help to motivate newergenerations to make decisions that are will make their lives better.Intellectual, political, religious and socio-economic forces have agreat influence on social, cultural, and artistic expressions. Theyhelp to provide the themes by which artists showcase their prowess byattempting to communicate a given message. Among the major historicaldevelopments that the world has seen since the Renaissance to dateincludes the development of the transport system from the horse-drawncarts to the airplanes that we now have. Others include thedevelopment of communication systems.


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