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Theories oflove and affection explain love connection. When someone likes theother, the affection deals with respect and the interaction isenjoyable. On the other hand, when love is involved, it is to likesomeone in addition to attachment and deep level of caring.Triangular love theory has three major components that are intimacy,passion, and commitment(Silk, 2013).Intimacy is the foundation of all components and it is a warmemotional attachment. Passion involves hot physical and sexualattraction while commitment is a cool form of attraction based oncognition and decision making.

Acombination of these components composes types of love. When allcomponents are absent there is no love. On the other hand, when allare present there is consummative love. Passion alone createsinfatuation while commitment alone creates empty love(Segal, 2015).Romantic love involves passion and intimacy while friendship loveinvolves intimacy and commitment.

In any formof relationship, one would do a secret test to find out thecomponents of love involved in the relationship. It is done throughconsulting a third party, separation flirting as well as endurance.Styles of love determine the use of secret tests. According to Lee`slove styles, there are three primary love styles and three secondarylove styles. The primary love styles are Eros(physical), storge(friendship)and ludus(forfun)(Silk, 2013).

When thesestyles of love are randomly combined, they form secondary styles oflove. Eros and ludusform maniaErosand storgeform agapewhile storgeand ludusform pragma.Attachment theory claims that early attachment determines futureattachments. They can be secure, preoccupied, fearful or dismissive(Segal,2015).They are determined by individual regard for oneself as well asothers. The regard can be positive or negative.

Learningcomponents of a triangular theory of love helps one to understandvarious types of love relationships as well as distinguish theirboundaries with partners. That way one is able to live with otherswithout crossing love borders. Styles of love set these boundariesbetween partners or companions. Theory of attachment helps peopleunderstand other`s behavior pattern and make them predictable for thesake of future interactions.

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The videoclip entails a lecture by psychologist under the name Infinite Waters(Diving Deep). It is more of an advice on love connections. Thepsychologist has prepared a power point presentation entailing truelove. He claims that true love cannot be separated from reality andlife. It can be expressed to anything and anyone. It is a feelingthat is internal though can be expressed through actions and bothverbal and non-verbal communication. To him, it is a feeling that onecan close eyes, perceive, pour heart to something and smile since itis one of the best feelings.

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The cliptalks about an expression of feelings of love. In the loveconnections concept, one learns components of love as well as stylesof love. These styles are best perceived by individual that areinvolved more that they are expressed in real life situation. Theclip also extends and says that these feelings are not only expressedto fellow humans but can also be extended to objects and animalsespecially pets. That way, we can understand and differentiate typesof love.

The clipalso relates with types of attachment to oneself and others. However,it focuses on a secure type of interaction where one has positivefeelings towards themselves and towards others. That way, one haspositive interaction and has self-sufficient emotional feelings(Segal,2015).They are okay on their own and with friends. The psychologist claimsthat the one with whom you have love connections can give emotionalsatisfaction in absentia. One only needs to feel it.

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Communicatingsexually highlights short-term and long-term sex connection. Hookupsreflect short-term sex interaction. It is motivated by sexual desire,sexual experimentation, physical pleasure as well as drug use. Afterhookups, people react differently. Some are happy and hopeful, otherscontented but realistic, some feel used and confused while others aredisappointed(Greenberg et. al, 2017).It all depends on with levels of positive reaction as well as levelsof negative reactions. The level of sexual satisfaction determinesthe level of love, connection, excitement as well as relationalsatisfaction.

Cassidentity model explains the identity of gays and lesbians. Theirsame-sex behavior occurs in six stages (Greenberget. al, 2017).The first stage involves identity confusion where one is attracted tosame sex partners. The second stage is identity comparison where onefeels isolated after which they get to next stage of identitytolerance. It is followed by accepting oneself that is followed byself-pride. Once one is free and has accepted themselves they get toa final stage of identity synthesis where they are free to tellanyone. Sex may be procreation, recreational or relational. Flirtingis another form of expressing feelings and it may be verbal ornon-verbal. It can also be physical, polite, playful, sincere ortraditional(Bennett &amp Holczer, 2010).It is determined by reasons for flirting.

Learningsexual communication helps in handling the individual sexualinteraction. That way, people are aware of what is expressed byothers hence determining rational decision before getting involved insexual acts. It is determined that there are barriers to safe sexcommunication and they include fear of hurting others, assumptionthat one knows friends well as well as desiring not to ruin themoment by displaying distrust (Bennett&amp Holczer, 2010).However, studying these concepts exposes us to such facts and helpsus apply best strategies of safe sex communication that includestopics such as pregnancy prevention, monogamy relationship as well ascondom use.

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The clip ismade by Oregon University health center showing sex communication andits boundaries. It is a clip showing two lovers Angel and Michaelnegotiation on their sexual behavior. Angel wants Michael to tryhandcuffs but Michael believes that it is a one-way sex and it is notexciting. They agree on trying different sexual positions as well asvisiting a sex shop. In this case, communication makes partners comeup with an opinion in which both are comfortable.

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The cliptalks about sex communication and reasons why it is very vital. Intheir opinion, communication enhances understanding one another`sfeelings towards something. Partners can thereafter come up with aconclusion that makes each one comfortable. They acknowledge that sexinvolves two people and when only one party controls it then it seemsmanipulative. Communication is a remedy to a manipulativerelationship and a tendency of one party enduring (Greenberget. al, 2017).

The clipalso highlights a gradual involvement majorly sex for recreational aswell as the relation. The characters involved have sex for pleasureand also to express intimacy. They have a plan on what to do that dayand the next day and probably in future. That way, communication actsas the link to their sexual satisfaction and relational satisfaction.


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