Reinstatement Petition essay


Please discuss why your academic performance has not beensatisfactory in the past.

Culture shock and language barrier have been the biggest hurdles inmy degree program. I have a good grasp of English for day-to-daycommunication, but I find it hard to understand what my lecturers arespeaking because they use technical terms. The exams questions arehard to interpret as well because they use technical terms that arenot applicable ion my daily vocabulary. I have also experiencedculture shock in the American society. Issues like failing to seesomeone because I lack an appointment were really an inconvenience inmy past semesters. I was also ignorant of the school resourcesbecause I arrived late during my admission hence did not go throughthe orientation process with the rest of the newcomers.

Please propose action plan/strategies to address your pastacademic performance

I have sought the services of a private English tutor with whom I dosix hours in a week. I believe that with the proper mastery of thelanguage I can easily attain my target GPA of 3.5. In China, I wasalways among the top students in my class and I believe I couldreplicate the results here in the USA were it not for the languageproblem. I have also decided to repeat the courses that I failed andconsult more with my professors. I have realized the importance ofgroup work. In this regard, I have resolved to form study groups withmy friends. In order to solve the issue of culture shock, I have madefriendship with several American students. I believe they will helpme to learn numerous aspects of American culture.

If your request for reinstatement is denied, what do you planto do during your period of recess?

It is my humble request that it does not come to the denial, becauseI am very committed to the studies. However, if it comes to that, Iwill go back to China to do my internship and improve my English.