Regionalism and Nationalism Part One essay

Regionalismand Nationalism


Theclass factor affects Paul in Paul`s Case by Cather. Willa Catherexpounds some instances of power in the text where the working classis differing with the main character. The main character is encircledthe English teacher. Paul is cognizant that he displays the façadeof repulsiveness. He is happy and feels that there is life. However,he thinks that people cannot escape their class in a world that isartificially tainted. The social class affects the fate of Paul as hebecomes reluctant to fit into the natural context with the insolentand conceited attitude that he reckoned negligible from defunctwomen.


Iwas sympathetic to Paul. He is one character who moves aimlessly andfeels uncomfortable. He thinks that he cannot fit anywhere. He is afanatical character in everything he does which makes him haveimpractical opinion that the art is a world of complete imagination.Consequently, he presupposes that he will fail. Silvia in WhiteHeron isone character I identified with since she is cautious of people. InPaul’s case, I felt the least sympathy to the English teacher sinceshe acts superior to Paul yet she knew his condition well.


“Itwas probably splendid. It was probably glorious, this play of thefree sea, wild with lights of emerald and white and amber” (Crane49). Inthe open boat, the lines about the destiny of man and his recompenseare repeated throughout. I agree with the statement about beingprobably glorious or splendid. This is because a big part of theexperiential philosophy is the estrangement of the idea (Crane 59).In essence, this shows that individuals are cutoff from theirenvironment and from themselves. Consequently, this idea isingeniously presented amidst impressive splendor. Men are marshaleddown in their issues in that they are far from beauty.


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