Reflective Essay on the Nursing Ethics Problems and Ethical Decision Making essay

ReflectiveEssay on the Nursing Ethics Problems and Ethical Decision Making


Camerontheory offers important aspects in ethical decision making. Theadvantages of ethical decision-making models are highlighted anddiscussed at length as far as the conflict is concerned. Theoverview of principlism, ethical caring, and virtue ethics, andethical decision-making model is also examined. In many cases, nursesusually give up in their work due to the conflicting moral situationinstead of solving the matter by ethical decision-making model. Inthis article nurses compromises their stand instead of doing theright thing. When conflicting responsibilities and loyalties,confusion about how to respond and conflict resolution in distinctways are put aside by the nursing activities a better and enjoyablework rather than being taken as a stressful part of work. Thisentails only require the use of ethical decision-making model.

Fromthis article, it is true that ethical decision-making model helps inthe solving conflict. It provides the framework to be followed insolving the issue wisely and in a positive way. These make the nursesless stressed at the end of the day. This model is practical as itreflects as it reflects human experience and adapts new personalculture. It uses the guideline of value, be and do to resolve theconflict to which it is beneficial and aim to achieve.

Accordingto the Korean nursing students article, ethical problems arises dueto conflict about the right thing that needs to be done about thepatient, resolution about the conflict and the rationale about theresolution. Handling the matter of conflict in individualism,therefore, leads to the stress to nurses and bring the ethicalproblem. The ethical decision making serves as the key to unlockingall these problems. When used, it leads to solving the problems inmany situations. This makes this model a critical tool in nursingpractice.

Inthe article on Cameron older person ethical problem involving theirhealth fundamental nature of the ethical problem when analyzed helpsin the control and promotion of the more elderly person’s ethicaldecision making and quality of life. A conceptual framework has asignificant effect on explaining the problem that one has which formsan essential aspect of making an ethical decision. This can be doneby ethical inquiry and phenomenology on the problem existing. It thenbecomes possible to manage the health problem. This greatly helpseven the nurse to enlarge the experience in ethical decision making.

Theexperience of the nursing students in the health problem matter isstressful as drawn in the article concerning nursing student’sexperience of ethical issues and use of ethical decision making. Theethical problem makes it hard for nurses to choose what they need todo. There is the conflict of mind for this particular health issue asnurses find it difficult to decide what to do. For exampledischarging the patient yet they have no one to take care of them.The experience with the ethical problem is too critical in decisionmaking. This, therefore, requires the use of the ethicaldecision-making the model where the basis of what is right is thepoint of evaluating before the decision is made. The use of theethical decision making leads to increased proper decision making forthe patients.

Inconclusion, both articles focus on the essence of the ethicaldecision-making model. They prove that the conflicts in the manner tochoose what to do either right or as per accordance to the need ofthe patient can be better decided using this model. Therefore, It isnecessary for the nurses to follow this model since it reduces thestress they experience in the health set up. Ethical decision makingis portrayed being the best as compared to other models. It handlesthe health problem entirely and satisfying.