Reflection/Journal on my capstone paper essay


Reflection/Journalon my capstone paper

Reflection/Journalon my capstone paper

Theproject has been agoodlearning experience for me. It has provided me with an opportunity todevelop and implement a healthcare plan for a patient who issuffering from dementia. The patientis African American, seventy years old and is female. I have done anassessment of the patient and identified the history of the conditionand all the factors that surround it (Chan &amp Luk, 2014). Theproject has not been easy hence, needed a lot of my effort. Throughmy experience, this illness requires a lot of attention especiallyfor this particular patient. The illness is not easy to handle andalso requires support from other individuals. Thisiswhy caring for the patient has been essential. The plan has beensuccessful because I have taken a holistic approach to itsimplementation in ensuring that the patient is helped in all aspectsnot just physically. Research and class meetings have played anessential role in providing the needed knowledge on the condition andthe patient too.

Professionalismhas been agreatpart of me during the project. Thisisbecause I needed to show the patient that I have the ability to helpher through the condition and that my practice is according to theguidelines and codes of ethics that govern this profession (Cisek etal., 2015). I have also been able to develop a relationship based ontrust with the patient using the appropriate communication skillswhich include both verbal and nonverbal communication.Communication has not only been with the patient but with all theconcerned parties in the plan. I have also learnt how to applycritical thinking when it comes to creating and implementing ahealthcare plan especially for a patient suffering from dementia.

Classactivities like the completionof the PowerPoint presentation concerning the project, group sessionson planning and the flow guide have helped in the implementation(Borsonet al., 2013).The activity has also involved other parties including the communitypartners and the patient’s family who have been of great help. Theactual implementation plan has been an amazing process especiallyoffering helpto the patient in areas that may have been difficult for her. I havealso monitored and trackedthe planto ensure that it is effective. This process has been an importantpart of my knowledge, experience and the class as a whole.


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