Reflection Paper essay


Writingany research paper can be challenging when you have no clue about thetopic, or your research area lacks literature reviews. Also, creativethinking and a proper structural presentation through the flow ofideas influences the level of writing. If you lack these, then yourpaper will lack taste and structural discipline.

Onthe other hand, what makes writing easy, is the ability to find atopic that you are well conversant and interested in. Writingsomething you love stimulates your brain cells positively, and yourcreativity becomes superb making words flow without literallyscratching your head.

Asa writer, I learned that to be the best I can, I need to write oftenand read new content, widen my imagination and fantasy. Also,whenever necessary seek guidance, there is no shame in doing so.

Writingis a continuous learning process, and it becomes interesting as yourstart integrating your creativity with words. I have also learnedthat writing is not a talent that is for a selected few, anyone canbecome a great writer with the right determination and dedication tothe art of writing. I advise my fellow colleagues that this course isa light that everyone needs to have, it illuminates the path ofsuccess, and you just need to begin here.

Thiscourse improves your critical thinking skills. Every situation inlife, except those that deal with love, needs the application of thistool. Thus, you will be able to make calculative decisions if youutilize the lessons we have learned, which will aid you insmoothening your career life. Also, many jobs and situations need tobe written, be it a job application, marriage, agreement or a legalmatter this course prepares you mentally for these futuresituations.

Itsknowledge can also be applied to other subjects and how one answers aquestion or even talks. There is no limit in applying what I havelearned in this course.


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