Reflection Paper essay


Ithink it’s critical to have all this medical technology in today`sworld. Every year, technology just keeps getting more advanced andbetter throughout the world. With all the medical technology we have,we can send prescriptions to whichever pharmacy patients go to, or wecan use cameras to check inside their bodies especially duringoperations. Health care has been involving. Thus, we need moreworkforce and with technology, the tasks have been made easier.

Iwas glad to know that our government is dedicated to ensuring thathealth cost scare is a thing of the past. Through HITECH, thegovernment is providing incentives for the adoption of technology,especially in the implementation of electronic health record byphysician and health care facilities (OregonHealth &amp Science University, 2012).Also, grants are being received by health care facilities adoptingEHR, which will aid in the development of its infrastructure. I didnot like the complexities of the payment of the grants and governmenthelp (OregonHealth &amp Science University, 2012).

Itis my belief that as we discover sophisticated medical technology andprocedures that will be adopted in the health care sector, they willnot come only for the benefit of the rich but also the poor. Also,they should try to simplify the complexities that characterize theadoption of the technology in HER adoption. The government throughvarious policies should subsidize those expensive medical costs thatare mandatory to save lives and improve the standards of living ofits people. I also encourage the nations of the world to sit togetherand establish a joint medical center where the smartest brains of theworld will convene and try to make medical breakthroughs that willchange how we perceive health care.

Thefuture of health is brighter as we have faith and technology on ourside. It is my belief that we will get to an era, where death in oursociety or suffering as a result of health cases will be minimal andthose economic losses we have experience because we lacked knowledgeor cure will be no more. Cure and I say cure and not preventive drugsof HIV/AIDS, notorious cancers, diabetes, Ebola and those notoriousviruses will be discovered and no longer will we isolate people orareas because we are afraid that we might get an infection.


Thiscourse has taught me how to get the best from utilizing usefultechnological information in the health sector. The course teaches usthat the adoption of the use of this information might be expensive,but as we advance, it will be cheap. This information has broughtefficiency in health care systems and productivity, these meaningpositive outcomes in health care facilities. We have shifted frommanual to electronic, where data about patients can easily be keptand shared in between health departments and even hospitals wherepatients are transferred from one health center to another. Thisinformation not only improves quality, safety, coordination andefficiency, but also improves the health status of the population,while ensuring privacy and security(Oregon Health &amp Science University, 2012).

ReferencesOregonHealth &amp Science University. (2012). Introduction to health careand public Health in the US:Meaningful use of health informationtechnology. HealthIT Workforce Curriculum.