Reflection Paper essay

I have always fancied reading travels contents. I was intrigued thata difference between a traveler and a tourist exists. Upon readingthe article, it came to my attention that I have always acted like atourist and not a traveler. The following nuggets of advice arepertinent to all who love to travel enjoys in diversity, appreciateother people’s culture and seek to learn from every place.

Prompt one

Other people and places have what we need. William Heat-Moon sayswhen life does not go as one has planned one has to “put a kit bagover one shoulder and head out for the road because that’s wheresolutions might lie.” During one of my travels, I encountered aNative American medicine man who gave me herbs he called “Galangal”that remedied my long term struggle with abdominal pain.

Through tourism, one can learn and appreciate other people’sculture. Caputo says about Ansel Wooden Knife, “he was one of themost serene and wisest men I’d ever met.” When I visited Hawaii,I learnt that in the State everybody is mandated by the law to liveaccording to the “Aloha spirit” which means emoting good feelingsto others, and I think that is a noble idea.

Allowing diversity gives room for a change of mindset. Caputo sayshow traveling allows one to meet individuals “who will change yourperspectives.” Having spent much time in Louisiana, especiallyduring the Christmas, I have come to believe that Santa named “PapaNoel” has to be directed on his way to visiting children.

Every place has something to offer. For instance, Heat-Moon remarksthat “a traveler in Arizona might light out for Wilcox.” One dayI visited the Anderson House in the Washington DC, and I was thrilledto learn about the Society of Cincinnati yet not many people thinkthe place is worth their time.

Prompt Two

I will always seek to ensure that there is a new experience for thetravelers in my organization. For example, I can bring along itemsassociated with another part of the world in the destination.

Additionally, I will seek to tap into the digital world as amarketing strategy for my organization. Heat-Moon says “a digitalworld has really opened up possibilities.” For example, I will seekto network with professional camera persons to guide their clientsinto my organization.

I will advise my clients on the essentials of a good trip. Caputosays &quotkeeping a record of your travels deepens the experience.&quotFor example, I can set up a website dedicated to offering insights onhow to enjoy a vacation such as by carrying a camera.

Acknowledging the visitors’ presence improves their travelingexperience. For example, in my case, how my hosts treat me influencehow I rate the destination.

In conclusion, since time immemorial human beings have always lovedtraveling and experiencing new exposures to new ideas. Thus, adiverse world ensures that everyone enjoys as every place hassomething to offer.

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Work Cited

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