Reflection paper essay

The phrase that knowledge is power has been used in numerouscontexts by various scholars, one of them being Shor. It is a phrasethat has a deeper meaning and whose interpretation may result indifferent results. Knowledge is acquired through education orexperience and it includes the facts and skills that a person hasregarding a particular subject.1 Experience equips anindividual with the ability to take control of situations hence thephrase knowledge is power. For instance, it is evident that at worksituations, the person with the greatest knowledge is given aposition of power. Leaders, managers, and directors have immenseknowledge which they have either acquired through education orexperience. Therefore, they are given positions of authority wherethey control big enterprises and manage other people.

It is also important to state that knowledge equips individuals withthe power or the ability to make wise and informed decisions.1Whether it is buying a particular product, deciding which food tocook or what school to take your child, information is extremelynecessary. Decisions are made based on the information that a personhas. The ability or the power to make a decision can only beeffective if a person has sufficient information and knowledge. Itwill be interesting to note that some people feel aggrieved to shareinformation with other people since they believe that would equipthem with knowledge, which they can use to control them.

The power or the authority that comes from knowledge enables peopleto succeed in life. It is clear that knowledge is commonly soldthrough education in schools.


Access to education from primary school level to the universitylevel is extremely expensive as people continue to seek knowledge toacquire the power and the ability to succeed in life. It is clearthat individuals who have skills are in a position to get employmenteasily and hence lead a comfortable life. It is also through theknowledge that people can study the needs of the people and thereforeproduce goods and services to satisfy these needs. This createsbusinesses and therefore people earn profits and create employmentfor other people.

Knowledge has also been used to create the power to control thehealth of the individuals and to enhance security for states acrossthe world. Skills have enabled people across the world to carry outextensive research regarding the health of the people and develop thenecessary medication. Treatment for diseases such as HIV and Aids areat advanced stages, and this has been made possible through the powerof knowledge. Additionally, states have enhanced their securitythrough the development of sophisticated security equipment such asdrones. Surveillance cameras are almost in every shopping mall,schools, and even homes across many countries in the world. This hasbeen made possible through the knowledge and skills that people haveacquired in school and through experience.

“To know” means that someone has information, expertise, andknowledge over certain subjects. The presence of these aspects enablepeople to have some degree of authority. More often than not, to knowmeans that a person has information that other people do not have. Itis crucial to note that different people have different skills andknowledge, and therefore each one uses the information he or she hasto his or her advantage. Authority enables a person to accessknowledge and to use it to his or her advantage.


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