Reflection on research essay


Reflectionon research

TheauthorsLanaux,Vice &amp Fasching-Varner (2014) introduced center learning in afirst-grade classroom to enhance student engagement andparticipation. Sixteen learning centers were used in the actionresearch, and the 25 first grade students were free to choose thecentre and the task they desired to execute. The action research usedby others ensured the teacher is freed and left with ample time tofocus more on individual students. From the research carried out bythe three scholars, it is evident that center learning is anefficient teaching method since it enhances the students’ abilityto enjoy and gain social skills through teamwork. Additionally,centre learning boosted students` self-confidence since they wereproud of their various accomplishments without any assistance fromthe teacher. Many scholars concur with the authors` arguments thatlearning centers are more efficient that whole group approachesbecause they allow the students and educators to focus on achievingimportant learning goals. Moreover, learning centers allow teachersto incorporate various diverse tasks based on assessment data furtherenhancing student’s proficiency and literacy skills.

However,though centre learning is associated with various benefits for thestudents and teachers, it raises some ethical issues. It is evidentthat the method of learning allows the young children to choose thecentre and activity they want to engage in without the assistance ofthe teacher. Secondly, the teacher expects the young children tofocus on learning despite her absence in front of the classroom.Young children are easily interrupted from their learning and mayinvolve in activities that may expose them to unnecessary risks ifnot supervised by the teacher. From my point of view, it is importantthat the teacher remains in the classroom to monitor the activitiesof the students and ensure they are not disrupted from their learningactivities.


Lanaux,C. F., Vice, K. E., &amp Fasching-Varner, K. (2014). Chaos in theclassroom: Center learning in a first grade setting. Networks: AnOn-line Journal for Teacher Research, 16(1), 1-10.