Reflection on Nursing Philosophy essay


Reflectionon Nursing Philosophy

Reflectionon Nursing Philosophy

Nursingeducation has multiple impacts on nursing students. The nursingeducation and nursing philosophy facilitates the identification anddevelopment of professional boundaries, supports student nurses inacquiring essential skills that will have an influence on theirprofessional lives and opens up opportunities within the nursingprofession (Mitchell, 2013). My academic and profession life has beenimpacted on by the nursing education in several ways. This paperprovides a reflection on my nursing philosophy. It outlines my shortterm and long term goals as well lifelong lessons for future trendsand opportunities.

Two-five-tenyear goals

SinceI have completed my associate bachelor’s degree and I have a NursePractitioner Licensure, my two years goals are to register for mymasters program. In intend to begin the masters program in July 2016. The advanced studies will enable me advance my career as a nursingprofessional. My five years nursing goals are to open a wellnessclinic that can promote health wellbeing of the community. The goalof the wellness clinic will be enhancing the quality of life throughpreventive and curative medicine. The professionals in the wellnessclinic will include physicians, therapists and alternativeprofessionals who will work as a team to promote health outcomes inthe community. Some of the targeted wellness activities in theprogram will include immunization services, psychological andphysical therapies, DNA and paternity testing, reproductive healthand hospice nursing services. My ten years goals are to open anoccupation clinic. This will offer a wide range of occupation-relatedhealth services such as immunizations, pre-employment testing,workers compensation and treatment, physical exterminating, drugtesting and treatment, workplaces health evaluation and hazardanalysis, and safety training. This will be aimed at promoting healthand safety in workplaces and institutions.

Lifelonglearning about self

TheRN-BSN program has had an impact on my understanding of self. Theincreased understanding and exposure to different aspects of theprogram and the nursing profession have enhanced the value of nursingprofession in my life. Nursing leadership and management is one ofthe courses I studied in RN-BSN. This has enabled me developessential leadership and management skills. As a result, I am ableto communication effectively and set personal boundaries. Thus, Ihave changed my practices in verbal communication, which hasimprovement significantly. I am also more cautious of personalboundaries. The management course has also enhanced my ability andproficiency in setting SMART goals in my professional life. Forexample, I am able to know set realistic and measurable goals thatcan be achieved in two, five and ten years. I also did a researchcourse which enables me to apply latest research findings in nursingpractice. The professional nursing course has adequately prepared meto work in different nursing settings (Black &amp Chitty, 2014, StClair, 2013).


Theprogram has had an impact on my life and profession. Although myphilosophy at the beginning and during the program has not changedsignificantly, I have gained important skills and experience that canenable me to make better decisions. For example, I am able tocommunicate better and I am more cautious about personal boundaries.I am also able to set SMART goals in my professional life. In thenext two years, five years and ten years, my professional goals areto complete my masters program, open a wellness clinic and open anoccupational clinic respectively.


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