Reflection essay

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Acrossall Healthcare professions, caring is one of the fundamentalprinciples. During practice, I had a 70-year-old black AfricanAmerican female suffering from dementia. I believe that through thisproject, I will provide the much-needed care through what I havegained in research and class lessons. While conducting research ondementia, it was important to communicate with others especiallyduring meetings, group planning sessions and when talking to thepatient. Excellent communication skills are essential for sourcingvaluable information (Harrison, 2014). After data has been collected,it was important to compile and analyze the data. After dataanalysis, critical thinking was employed for the integration andplacement of the data in the right context. The knowledge generatedfrom the learning process and through critical thinking was employedin the care process of the patient and accomplishment of the project.

Justlike any other profession, nursing requires a high level ofprofessionalism (Harrison, 2014). During the project, high levels ofprofessionalism were employed in caring for the patient. High levelsof professionalism were also employed in the development of the flowguide, conduction of meetings with the community partners and theactual implementation sessions and the tracking sessions. The pillarof professionalism is essential in the general practice and as acomplement of the other components such as caring and criticalthinking.

Finally,holism was employed as an attempt to attain ultima wellness andcomprehensive promotion of the health of the patient. Holism wasachieved through the inclusion of community members such as thefamily of the patient in the care process. Through holism, I workedon the restorative care of the 70-year-old black African American asa way of enhancing her health. Community partners were included inthe care process as a way of achieving wholism.


Harrison,P. (2014). Witnessing the pillars of nursing in nursepresentations.GastrointestinalNursing,&nbsp12(6),50-50.