Reading response about the big Lebowski essay

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Readingresponse about the big Lebowski

TheBig Lebowski comedy displays various meanings and cases. It mayappear as simple comedy but it is loaded with various issues that theauthor wants to communicate through the characters involved. Thepapers will discuss some points evident in the comedy.

Tostart with it is a film concerning the involvement of America in thewar. The film was occurred during the Gulf war and depicts theposition of America in the global environment. America’s positionis seen in the four characters in the comedy, which include the BigLebowski, Walter, Jackie and Cowboy. Each time any of thesecharacters speaks, they express their country’s common views, forinstance, when Big Lebowski says that he has accomplished a lotwithout using legs. According to him this is more than what most mencan do. Further, he says that preparation to do the right thingirrespective of the cost is what makes a man. Similarly, he isobsessed with bums and their no contributions to the society and hetells them to “find a job as bums are destined to lose”. Thecowboy represents the big brother (America) wisdom when takessarsaparilla, while the Dude drinks “Caucasians and Russians”sarsaparilla.

Theissue of crime and war is well displayed in the comedy. The comedydepicts Big Lebowski comedy as “stoner, crime film, and a noirmovie” concerning young hippie with the bowling behavior. Theprimary plot action starts with two thugs breaking into the Dude’shouse and shaking him down for the debts incurred by Dude’s wife.Dude, after a lot of yelling, physical abuse (“the intruder stuffsDude’s head in the toilet”) and urinating of the rug incident,manages to convince the thugs that he is a wrong target because hehas no debts, no money to offset such huge amounts and that he is notmarried. He tells the thugs that he is a wrong person and that heco-shares the name with another wealthy man, the husband of a womancalled Bunny. At the instigation of Dude’s bowling friends (Walter,the violent veteran from Vietnam and Donnie, the rarely heard andmeek guy) he takes the dirty rug to big Lebowski’s mansion andforces for replacement. He later goes after taking a rug replacementfrom the floor of the Dude’s house.

Thisodd case calls for another brutal kidnapping case in the movie. Thisis Dude’s involvement in the Bunny’s kidnapping case. AlthoughDude claims that Bunny left for a vacation without informing him asher husband, he joins Maude, the daughter of Big Labowski, inpornographer, love like affair and nihilist plot. Later Dude unravelsthe whole complex plan and admits that the Big Lebowski embezzled thecharity money for ransom repayment and kept it for himself and handedDude a paper for payment. Although this is a minor issue, Bunny wasresponsible for her own kidnapping. She planned for go on a shorttrip and nihilists, the Bunny’s friends faked the kidnapping withthe hope of acquiring some amount before her return.

Theissue of religion is another angle of Lebowski’s comment. Walterfinds Judaism and ranks the religion and bowling at the same level.Walter argues that the “Jesus is the best bowler in the league”and the he is both skilled as bowler and flawed. Walter has strongdevotion to Jewish religion and customs. When Walter is accused ofliving in the past, he tells Dude that he is indeed living in the“Fucking past” as he wants to identify in the routes of Judaism.