Reading Response about the Big Lebowski essay

ReadingResponse about the Big Lebowski

Thefirst key point in the movie “the big Lebowski” is Nihilism.First, the Dude is depicted as someone with disregard for moralprinciples. His key un-materialistic character portrays someone whobelieves that life is meaningless. He is an unmarried, unemployedand an underachiever in his early forties. Besides, the Dude appearscontent with his life and enjoys spending his days bowling with hisfriends and getting high on white Russians, Marijuana and beer.Besides, the character fails to show interest in getting married,having kids nor pursuing anything that equates to a career. The Dudestemperament is depicted as easygoing although he experiences flashesof anger when manipulated by the greediness of others. He careslittle about money, and he is a sensible and an honest man withpatience and tolerance similar to that, which belongs to thespiritually gifted. Even after being provoked, the Dude harms no one.

Dude’scharacter serves as a criticism of the stereotypes associated withmen. Men are regarded to be leaders whose ego rarely allows them toaccept failure without fighting back. Besides, men are thought to besuave with women, wealthy and in control of things. The Dude,however, does not fit into either of the stereotypes. In fact, he isdepicted as having a confused masculinity, but as the real man in thefilm. The film goes about illustrating the weaknesses in othercharacters that refer themselves as men including the seasoned vet,the successful Lebowski, and the German nihilists.

Thesecond key point is noir. The Dude’s peaceful lifestyle iscompromised at the commencement of the film. Two thugs turn up intohis house demanding money. They claimed that his wife had stolenmoney from a man called Jacky Tree horn. One of the thugs jams Dude’shead into the toilet as a way to underscore their seriousness. TheDude protests that he is not married and that he has no one referringhim as Lebowski. Consequently, the thugs, after looking at the Dude’sramshackle flat, and considering they were in search of amillionaire, realize that he is not the person they were lookingafter. The epitome of the noir begins when one of the thugs urinateson the Dudes rug on their way out. The act leads to a chain ofactions as the Dude works to replace the rug since he valued it andasserted that it tied the room together. Consequently, he goes afterthe other Geoffrey Lebowski that the thugs were looking after.

Thethird key point is Comedy. The movie is comprised of quirky andexciting characters that find themselves in completely absurdsituations. Consequently, the characters reel off an interesting mixof snappy dialogue that is juxtaposed with the fact that they have noidea of what they are doing. When the Germans break into the Dudeshouse, he reacts by telling them that his house is a privateresidence. Besides, when he is forced into the limousine, the Dudetells the guy to be careful since there is a drink in the car. Thecomedy gets enhanced by the characters inappropriate reactions thatfurther indicate that they are entirely helpless in the situation.

Thefourth key point is the hero’s quest. The Dude is depicted astrying to get his new rug and go on with his life. However, eachreward in his actions leads to ever increasing and comicallyexaggerated complications. The bowling alley serves as the centrallocation of the quest where the three friends return after any majorscene in the movie. Bowling is also depicted as a metaphor for deathand life. The repetition of the bowling frame is contrasted with theendless variation of an outcome. Besides, the scoring of every rollis related to the daily achievements of a person’s life infinancial, scholastic and social realms.