Reaction Paper essay

Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal relationships play a crucial role since it defines thesocial connection one has with others. The idea is typical of anygiven society because people always find themselves in a state wherethey have to relate to others. Interpersonal relationships areessential since it is encountered on a daily basis and influences theperception one would have over others. Further, the ability to createa relationship with others depends on what one gets to learn aboutthem, on the first encounter or after a defined duration of time.

Defense Mechanisms

A defense mechanism can be viewed as all those measures a particularindividual takes to ensure that they can cope with any anxiety thatemanates from them. It is a technique that endows one with theability to identify the presence of particular harmful stimuli andinitiate internal processes that enables one to cope with thedetrimental effects emanating from the same. Defense mechanisms canbe perceived as a response toward an action that has the likelihoodof causing harm. As an individual, the formulation of a defensemechanism emanates from the fact that one feels threatened by aparticular issue negating the need to protect oneself from theanxious feelings associated with its adverse effects.

Leadership Abilities

Leadership abilities could be viewed as all the traits that enableone to gain the trust of others in working toward the achievement ofa particular goal. Leadership abilities could arise from the definingcharacteristics of a given individual. It could encompass all factorsassociated with being able to mobilize a group of people and steerthem toward the attainment of particular goals that have been set.Leadership abilities could arise from not only one being able to showthe direction to a group of individuals but working on areas ofweaknesses to enhance the skills of leading others.


Self-perception can be viewed as an idea that a particular person hasabout themselves. It is a crucial component in one’s personal lifeas it dictates the kind of behavior one would portray. For example,an idea that one has regarding their abilities to execute aparticular task is dependent on thoughts they have about how bestthey think they can do a good job on the given task. People with apositive perception regarding themselves are likely to take on evenchallenging tasks since they are aware of their capabilities toexecute it despite the difficulties it could be associated with.Self-perception is significant for the role it has in giving anindividual the motivation to pursue their goals or not.

Roles you assume in a group

Group work entails a combination of efforts from differentindividuals with the ultimate goal of accomplishing a particulartask. As an individual, one has the mandate of contributing towardsthe accomplishment of the particular task by participating in thegroup activities. Group work could entail one being assigned aparticular role where each presents their work leading to thecompletion of the task. As an individual, one ought to assume therole and work towards ensuring that the group delivers on its mandateby delivering on the responsibilities they had been assigned.