Quotes analysis essay


WorkIs More Fun Than Fun- Noel Coward.

Theright kind of work, which an individual is passionate about, isconsidered the greatest thing in which a person can engage in.Therefore, Noel Coward says that there are those forms of works thatare very enticing such that an individual may continue to do even ifhe is not paid anything (Koller). This implies that an individualshould simply be active in finding jobs, which they are passionateabout and they will eventually be more fan than fan.

Goodbusiness is the best art- Andy Warhol

Beingan attentive and good business person is considered as one of themost fascinating and enticing form of art. Therefore, although bothworking and money are considered as art, the best art is that kind ofability of running a good business (Gachman). On certain occasions,individuals tend to down grade the concept of business. Andy Warholstarted as a commercial artist and his ultimate goal was to become abusiness artist thus portraying the significance of a business.

Marketingis simply sales with a college education -John Freund

JohnFreund simply means that both marketing and sales are similarconcepts. The only difference is the fact that the people who domarketing have already earned a college degree and can thereforeapply the concepts that they learned in school. It can also be arguedthat sales tend to ignore some of the concepts that are critical inensuring that a customer will buy a product. People who market theirproducts and those who sale their goods simply end up doing the samething. This is because the main purpose of marketing is to ensurethat goods are ultimately sold to the customer.


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