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Questionson American History

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Q1. Despite the fact that Carlos presentedthe conquest era from Latin Americans, it still differs from the wayI understand these events. For instance, he leaves out some of thecritical information on the events that took place during that periodthat is, the role that religion played in the conquest as well as thevarious personalities that played an essential role in facilitatingthe end. He overlooks some of the major participants such as theAztecs he also dwells so much in successes than on failures that gotencountered during the conquests.

I think a North American author would present the information from adifferent point of view, since every individual who gets involved inthe work of writing either articles or historical reviews, theyalways have a tendency of dwelling in the positive aspects ofcircumstances that perpetuate the successes of their point of view.It is practically evident that individuals do not usually like to getassociated with failure and so they prefer expressing their positiveaspects rather than the negatives. Besides the above judgments, thiswould differ in a way that the North American author might displayissues of biases towards South America’s.

Q2. I think by Carlos Fuentes using theLatin American cultural artifacts to help us understand this era,depicts a good way since they present the clear picture about ahistorical perspective as well as a development of the region. Theyalso serve as evidence for the existence of the real aspects of anindividual historical perspective of a particular group of people oreven enhance the preservation of culture. For example, many times,historical aspects begin to shift and change to appease the worldview. With historical artifacts, these histories can stay in place.


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