Pulling Pocket essay




Apulling Pocket can be referred as an in-class activity or a game. Itis played based on elements such as a surprise, quick thinking, orcreativity. As its name suggests, the game is played by allowingevery team to ‘pull’ or select and open a pocket (anything thatcan be locked) containing an individual problem and reading itssituation loud. Afterward, the team will have up to 60 seconds toprovide a solution for that problem. A team that will come up with asolution first is the most creative. Pockets are made from locallyavailable materials such as plastic egg, baby food jars amongmaterials and some challenges that people met in life describe andlocked inside. Furthermore, it encourages cooperation andcollaboration in the class. Moreover, it is played by dividing theentire class into two or more equal groups.

Reasonsfor inventing pulling pocket

Studentstypically face many challenges in their learning activity. Some ofthese challenges can either be eliminated or reduced using PullingPocket game. Such is because is among creativeactivities that can assist students in increasing their learningabilities by making them quick thinkers. Nevertheless, this gamehelps students to break from their daily monotonous class work.Students typically play the creative game as a team hence promotingtheir level of cooperation and teamwork. The activity also helps insolving individual challenges such as drawing problems as thestudents are randomly selected to drawing different features.Students are also encouraged to be competitive and creative becausethe activity provides an opportunity for everyone to demonstrate hisor her skills in providing a solution to particular problems.

Theskills that trains and how such skills are practiced

Thisactivity teaches students to be creative since it provides them withthe opportunity to exercise their creativity through problemselections and drawings. Furthermore, selection skills are trained inthis game activity as students are required to select a singleproblem from Pocket. After that, the team will then give a possiblequick solution to the chosen problem. This means students are trainedto provide a solution to their daily challenges. Teamwork skills arealso trained in this activity hence enabling students to faceschallenges as a team for an easier solution. Nevertheless, thestudents are trained to be quick thinkers hence preparing them tosolve their daily challenges.

In conclusion, this game is very useful to the student as it trainsthem to overcome surprise by being quick thinkers. The game activityis also cheap since it uses locally available materials such asplastic eggs, baby food jar among other hence implementable.