Puerto Ricans essay

Puerto Ricans always sought to become separate nation alienated from Spanish rule, it was year 1868 when they fought in Grito De Lares and appear as the individual nation but they cannot survive as a individual nation for a long time, after the week island was occupied by U. S forces, the majority of Spanish were present there but after 400 years of wars it is now occupied by U. S peoples. It is believed that from the year 1940 the Island Puerto Rico has become the centre of argument between the Puerto Rico and U. S forces.

The reason for migration of Puerto Ricans in United States is the economical troubles, they were living content and nonviolent lives in their island but unfortunately they start facing the problem of employment, income welfare payment, unemployment return payment and other economical problems therefore they start their migration to United States of America, they are usually seen less educated than other nations therefore they only gets there are very less opportunities for them they have very less income therefore they are very poor and economically weak.

Puerto Rico gives very importance to their religion and family, they have a lot of respect for their family all of the elders and mothers are adore by them they have very strong family ties. (cosmos. ne. jp) Cuban Americans: The Cuban American community is the one most recognized community of Hispanics, there core language is Spanish. The Cuban American community is based on trade mans, scientists, artists, writers, researches and all of the blue collar workers.

The peoples of Cuban American community are also experiential in political activities; they are well established in U. S and take advantage of all social and political facilities provided by U. S government. It is believed that Cubans enjoy the highest literacy rate among all U. S Hispanics, as they are the most educated group of Hispanics so they have well urbanized wealth than any other Hispanic group.

The Cuban Americans gives the admiration to their families and they believe that families should bind close, they give respect to every of there family member and also their community peoples. The religion which is followed by Cuban Americans is Roman Catholic while on other hand it is believed that many of Cuban Americans are Jewish, Protestants and unspiritual. (contactomagzine. com) (allpoetry. com) Conclusion:

This article concluded that the four Hispanic groups which are existing in United states are going through different kinds of troubles someone goes through the problem of not getting equal rights as that of U. S resident, similarly less job opportunities, lower wages and not getting any social position is the common problem of these peoples but the reason is common behind all of these problems that is lower literacy rate among these peoples. This piece of writing also tells us that they give respect to their families and also points out their religious believe.

While on other hand this article enlightens Cuban American as the most successful Hispanic group because of their higher education they are the politically, economically and socially urbanized in America.


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