Public Relations essay

Dear Admission Committee, I am honored to write this letter of reference for Claire. I have known Claire for three years during which we both served at Tech Venture Business Network (TVBN), a nonprofit making organization. I regarded Claire as one of the most promising members in our organization. I served on the board of TVBN. I was also the president of the organization. Claire served in various leadership roles including: Director of IT, Director of Membership, and Director of Public Relations.

She joined the organization in its earlier stages and initiated many organizational management structures such as database administration, web development, staff recruiting, and public relations. In project planning, her insight and expertise always made the organization have a competitive advantage over its peers. She generously volunteered her time and developed automated database management systems and a front-end website. With very limited budget and human resource, she developed precise strategies to minimize IT maintenance bills.

I remember one day the hosting service was broken right before an important seminar. She minimized the damages by retrieving the secured backup system and recovered the system overnight. Her business acumen and ability for crisis management was an important roadmap in our organization. As a member, she was an excellent consular and a team player. I see her as very enthusiastic, cooperative and cheerful. Her interpersonal relationship skills is due to here knowledge and sensitivities toward people’s background and career interests.

She has effective communication skills. She motivated members to perform in areas where they felt comfortable and was able to guide members when they needed help on the job or otherwise, which was a good asset to our organization. With all these characteristics, I can foresee her potential as an outstanding leader, a matured woman with good analytical skills and an easy-going person with a people centered management ability. She is also a truth seeker. She always endeavored to thoroughly understand the data with which we had to work with.

She was not satisfied with intuitive or mediocre answers. I believe an MBA degree would greatly enhance her potential as a manager and enrich her strategic management skills. Nevertheless, some people found her challenging because she was at times too forward in her opinions. However, after drawing her attention to it in a couple of conversations, she changed her strategy and everything worked out fine. People were more willing to seek her opinion thanks to her improved communication skills.

Although some three years have passed, I still remember when I first met Claire at an entrepreneur seminar where she expressed her passion in marketing and management, and she wished to pursue an MBA degree to fortify her business knowledge. I am glad she is making a move towards achieving her goal. In my opinion, Claire will make an outstanding leader in her chosen field. I therefore strongly recommend her admission to your institution. If further information about her is required, please do not hesitate to let me know and I will gladly help out to the best of my ability. Thank you.