Public Health Impact Essay essay


The program being addressed is the “Infectious Diseases Society ofAmerica, IDSA.” Its impact is to enhance the wellbeing of people,communities and society through the promotion of excellence in theprevention of infectious illnesses.

IDSA addresses how to prevent communicable diseases, which includeEbola, Hepatitis C Virus, MERS-CoV, Zika, HIV/AIDS, global TB andFeca Microbioa Transplantation.

The program is working because according to its practice guidelines,it has widened its global reach by increasing knowledge that enhancesthe prevention of the diseases it addresses (IDSA, 2016).

IDSA can eradicate the public health problem. The programs’physicians work together with different health care personnel ondeveloping in addition to execution of evidence-based practices onavoiding and preventing transmittable infections.

Costs include making changes to policy decisions that backevidence-based practices, which is an effective approach inprevention of such illnesses.

The impact on the economy is that the number of people that take sickleave due to preventable communicable infections reduces. Also,health care providers gain more knowledge on reducing the spread ofthese diseases.

An outbreak refers to the unexpected occurrence of an illness in acommunity where it has never occurred before. Also, it is theincidence of a disease in numbers that surpass those anticipatedwithin a defined region. An epidemic is the prevalence of a number ofdiseases, which are of the same nature and a similar source, innumbers that surpass those predictable in an area. A pandemic is aglobal epidemic. It may start as an outbreak, escalate to an epidemicand spread across nations and continents.

Achievements, which impact daily life in America, are theintroduction of new vaccines against preventable illnesses,developments in innovations on how to control and preventtransferable infections, controlling tobacco, increased road safetyin addition to enhancements in responding and preparation tointernational health threats (CDC, 2011). The most importantachievement is the introduction of new vaccines, which has led to adecline in mortality rates related to infectious illnesses.


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