Psychopharmacology essay

Marcia’sbiggest concern about her children’s diverged interests in thepursuing of different careers is becoming of a greater threat to her.She is at least expected some of their kids adopt their fadingprofessions such being a complete artist or even a lecturer liketheir dad. The varied interests of the children have put her underpressure with the daughter more arrogant. The girl is participatingin funny drawing graffiti on animals while one older son takesastrophysics and younger one taking medicine. The combination of allthese issues are not giving Mrs. Marcia a relaxed mind and therefore,the treatment plan below.

Drugsare essential for the sustenance of health derailments, but theirconcentration and application is very critical. Many drugs directtheir effects to the central nervous system by either stimulating(Uppers), depressing (Downers) or psychedelics (All-rounders)[ CITATION Koo10 l 1033 ].In the case of our client, Mrs. Marcia she has to assess thefollowing conditions to ensure she meets the desired decision toconsent to the best treatment plan.

Manyof the drugs used to treat anxiety have a mechanism of action wherethey work against depression. In this state, they regulate serotoninlevels in the brain and assist the patient in bringing his or herdisposition at home. This effect cannot be sustained for long andtherefore when the drug`s level go below the therapeutic window itsdepression effect. Valium, a drug prescribed to the client, is thefirst choice medicine for the state of mind of Marcia.

Despitethe fact valium is used as a sedative in our client, she needs toknow that any mixture with other foreign substances exposes her to afatal risk. Alcohol and diazepam are lethal combinations andtherefore, Mrs. Marcia should not drink and take her medication. Theintake of the two substances might pose a risk of addiction andchemical dependency. Also, the combination may result in high risksof overdose as the doctor would keep prescribing more dosages withoutlearning that her patient is using alcohol that causes habit.Unconsciousness is another side effect with cases of nausea,confusions, dizziness, accidents, brain damage, coma and even death(Cohen, 2014).

Itis, therefore, very critical that Marcia informs her doctor of hercurrent alcoholism so that she can be managed. Heavy reliance onthese drugs would cause an addiction that would lead to fataloutcomes[ CITATION Koo10 l 1033 ].Medical marijuana hasbeen proved to reduce anxiety in patients over the past decades.Contrary, some clinical outs have been found to cause more anxiety inpatients than actually plummeting it.

Thesubstance is found to have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) an element ofmedical significance in the anti-depression effect. This marijuanatempers with the amygdala section of the human brain and thus,effects of paranoia and anxiety are suspected to increase rather thandecrease. Since Marcia does not pose other complications such Crohn`sdisease or seizures, she can be prescribed to use medical marijuanaas a medication for her problem (Cohen, 2014).


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