Psychology & Sociology

During my lifetime, I have always dreamed of becoming an Engineer. These individuals come across to me as very smart and energetic about their work. I long for that career. Some may think I am in it for the money. Well, in reality, I am not, at this point in time in my life. My main goal is to get the best education out there, and Engineering is a perfect fit for me. Here are my reasons, interests, and goals. Engineers can do anything they put their mind to in regards to their field.

I have seen them work on airplanes, teach classes, own their own business, and make new inventions. Another goal I have is to get an overview of my future career by attending classes at a local university, so that I decide which direction. In the end, I will have no fears on my income because this career is quite stable compared to Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and so forth. If I had a choice, which I do, then I would not do any of those fields because they are not strengths for me.

My strong point is engineering. From the time I was five clear up until the age of 16, I noticed I had the gift of fixing anything that broke at home and at school. My friends gave me various projects, and I took care of them right away. I have always had that ability to get my work handed in on time, and have received excellent grades in all my years of school. My goal is to keep up those grades I had growing up clear up until the present.

I do not want to fail at school, but instead succeed in my schooling and career. After all, does not school prepare an individual for the real world? I am ready to take on anything, but will seek out help and advice from others if I do not understand anything. I have wonderful support from my family and friends, and I hope to keep that in the years to come. I hope I am what you are looking for in a student, and that my goals are compatible with the school of engineering. Thank you.