Psychology essay


is the study of the human mind. This subject helps to impart valuableskills that are essential for embracing aspects of awareness andunconsciousness on the state of mind and behavior displayed byindividuals. Persons with responsibilities to foster the psychiatrydepartment, mostly work in consideration with certain specificconcepts such as perception, emotion, cognition, motivation,personality, and intelligence.

Individualsare trained on how well they can help to understand the working ofthe human brain, conduct and character. They are referred to aspsychologists the knowledge they receive is responsible for thefulfillment of certain tasks needed to meet the well-being ofindividuals who seek help within their capacities (Myers, 2004).Psychologists work in different environments ranging from governmentand private entities that are profit and non-profit makings such aseducational institutions, medical centers, and even military bases.Their aim is to ensure they promote safety by understanding andencouraging good mental health.


Anyrecruit who qualifies to perform the roles of a psychologist has tomeet several standard and minimum credentials. It is, therefore,mandatory for anyone willing to take up the tasks to ensure that theyachieve at least, an educational experience of an undergraduatedegree pursued in two-four years with an additional of a masters ordoctorate for credit purposes. In many nations, a license from thestate and ethical bodies is paramount in the areas of specialization(Myers, 2004).


Thetasks performed by psychologists vary differently with their field ofexpertise. We have counseling specialists who are majorly found inschools, healthcare facilities, and individual practices. Theyconduct guidance sessions by talking to people and encourage positivemental state and personal development.

Developmentalpsychologists are responsible for carrying out an investigation onvariances that take place in humans’ life. They perform thesestudies with references to specific time, for example, duringinfancy, childhood, adolescence, youthful stage and later old age.After conducting studies, these individuals are responsible fordeveloping correctional measures to the problems identified whichmight have resulted from abnormal development.

Forensicpsychologists are trained to work in conjunction with law enforcingbodies to meet several legal issues such as working with childwitnesses. Other trained persons perform studies to find out causalfactors specific for changes in behavioral patterns and are calledresearch analysts. A clinical psychologist usually diagnoses, treatand prevent mental disorders (Myers, 2004).


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