Provide clinic service essay

This interview report is an analysis about city of Miami and the report specially focuses on the golf , opinions expressed by interview members. This is a comprehensive report covering all areas of golf game in general and also how city of Miami is maintaining this prestigious game as viewed by members of interview. Tom Miller who is pursuing golf course in International Links Miami as golf game has been pursued by Tom Miller as a career. International Links Miami conducts junior programs and provide clinic service for the disabled. Special Olympics, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, the boys and girls club and intercity kids.

The city of Miami has been giving an excellent golf course service by covering over an area of 7100 yards and has 18 hole golf course which is truly challenging. There are many opportunities for the golf players and also for those who would like to pursue golf as a career. There is turf throughout the golf yard and is maintained regularly for keeping the interest of players and viewers. International Links conducts many competitive tournaments, sponsors outings and corporate fundraisers and this a source of income for city of Miami apart from revenue generated from golf courses and golf games.

Even though food and beverage business is also revenue generating, International Links has proved that golf is a successful course and it has much to offer for the public. There is also club house facility apart from golf course made available by International Links and this does not provide any lenient view on golf game. The provision of services by International Links in terms of good customer service, comfortable approach by staff members would still keep the interest of new golf players in pursuing golf course from International Links, in the city of Miami.

Mayed Haddad is Miamian by birth and considers that one of the biggest asset for all age groups is golf game which is a sport for a life time. In a span of 30 years there were many changes in International Links, Miami which were witnessed and the recent club house facility is one of the best change that ever took place in International Links. In spite of the decline in economy, City of Miami has funded for a country club and the opening ceremony was in participation with city Mayor and city Commissioner.

Many in the past were of the opinion that just running a golf course with excellent customer service and staff service is not sufficient and club house is a facility that is a necessity for both golf players and spectators. Further walking which is a good exercise for elderly is not permitted in the golf premises which is also followed by South Florida and views of customers must be taken into consideration before any good changes are made with a supporting fact that it is the customers who are contributing to the running of golf course.

Playing 9 holes is not tiresome for elderly whereas playing 18 holes is truly tiresome and this is a constructive criticism. Many customers wanted to take the benefit of club house facilities and one of the other recent developments is a fee charged for spectators whereas it is $ 32 for elderly and even for little children fully rate is charged. When one has already paid a green fee and cart fee why the spectators are being charged at cart rate?

An explanation to this effect can be stated here that the budget is only $800 issued by the city of Miami and any costs beyond the budget have be by the funds collected from the public and this additional fee charged for spectators is only due that fact and there is no probable cause for collecting excess rates, as golf game is both entertaining and aspiring game for young and elderly. Joeff Bain who is the Executive Director of Golf tee Miami (DAGA) is of the opinion that International Link Miami has produced many golf athletes viz.

, Bruse Fleisher (Champion Tours player), Tracy Kerdyk, Michelle Mcgann LPGA player, Cristy Kerr LPGA, Paula Creamer, Morgan Presell, James Vargas, Alexa Thompson (amateur champ), Nicholas Thompson PGA, Brad Adamonis, Eric Compton PGA. Golf professionals are the most respected and required persons by customers and golfers. The largest junior tournament called as Doral Publix Junior Classic, held at Doral Golf Resort and Spa which was aimed for junior golf players for developing golfing abilities and for academic success.

A great credibility goes to golf professionals who conduct these tournaments as there is more attendance and presence required throughout the tenure of tournament. The tournament is being held every year, between December 17 – 23. City of Miami contributes a great proportion through the golf sponsorship by various events of golf courses, tournaments and offering careers in golf game.

The headquarters for the first tee Miami are situated at International Links Miami, Melrese Golf course and DAGA (Dade Amateur Golf Association) is a non-profit organization which is running for the past 35 years and which aims at development of kids with a program to offer kids golfing skills and participate in competitions. Certainly, for aspiring children, this organization is truly a blessing for pursuing golf courses and this game also teaches children how to encounter the game of “life” in real world situation. There are no entry barriers for admission into this organization for children