Protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation essay


Protectionagainst discrimination based on sexual orientation


Discriminationbasing on sexual orientation occurs when an employee experiencesunfavorable employment actions, harassment, or different treatmentbecause of their sexual orientation. I would argue that an employerof the place I work should provide employees with protection againstprotection even if it is not the requirement of the law. This paperwill offer supporting points to my argument.

Protectionagainst discrimination due to sexual orientations.

Discriminationdue to sexual orientation is the different treatment a person islikely to experience as a result of his or her sexual orientationthat is because they are gay, lesbian, heterosexual, bisexual, orasexual. In the workplace, it is important for the employer toprovide employees with protection against discrimination basing onsexual orientation.

Tobegin with, sexual orientation is not inability. It is highly likelythat a person being discriminated against because of their sexualorientations is the most experienced in undertaking certain roles inthe workplace. If such a person is discriminated against, it mayaffect their energy negatively thus affecting their performance atwork. Such a case would result in losses for the organization due tolack of proper input by the employee being discriminated against. Itis, therefore, appropriate for employers to introduce policies thatensure protection against discrimination basing on sexual orientationto ensure they keep the talent and expertise by all employees forgood performance of the company.

Anorganization is responsible for the creation of a good image to theexternal environment, especially its clients. The organization whichdiscriminates against its employees will have a negative image in theexternal environment. However, an organization which creates a fairwork environment for its employees will be held in high regard by theexternal environment. Cases of discrimination due to sexualorientations are on the rise and such cases display a bad image forthe organization. Such a case may result in a decline in the numberof customer visits, and thus sales, for the fear of beingdiscriminated against. After all, if the discrimination is practicedin the internal environment, it is highly likely to be transferred tothe external environment. The employer should thus offer employeeswith protection against discrimination due to their sexualorientation to ensure that the organization does not lose itsposition in the market and consequently revenue.