Prostitution in the Era of AIDS essay

Prostitutionin the Era of AIDS

AcquiredImmune-deficient Syndrome has mostly become a pandemic in the globe.To counter the pathological condition research has to be done toensure the right information about the demographic factors isavailable. The particular infected population cannot be sought due toseveral difficulties that are encountered in any study. It becomesharder to handle the situation of identification, treatment andcontrol of AIDS in the American society due to the underlyingperceptions and social trauma associated with its infection.

Prostitutionis an immoral character but, its might be argued as being part andparcel of normal human life. It is an act performed by the inferiorswho are out here under the harsh conditions and at the exhaustion ofthe so-called “Pimps” whoseek to be sexual satisfactionin the exchange for money. The cruelty that most individual face isextreme as they engage in prostitution, which does not give them areason to stop their participation but rather become tougher to dealwith life.

Theesteem of the women who take part in the prostitution business isdemeaned by how the society look at them. Despite being theircustomers, the male counterparts who take part in the services alsolack respect for the status of these women. The women experiencedilemmatic situations every day of their lives on whether to shunaway or stick in the business, and they try to fight harder on howbest they can improve their living status regarding income levels anddevelopment. Since they lack jobs and therefore, money is minimal intheir pockets some resolve to drug abuse. Substance abuse has thusbecome a major causative reason for their indulgent in the sexbusiness.

Fromthe facts in the field report, it was found out that the participantsof sex for drug business i are all of upright mental status, but thesocietal problems they meet in life changes their direction of lifeat some point. The involvement of the sector has a whole compilationand inclusion of all the races that exist in the American society. From the outstanding age brackets of the individuals taking part inthe sex and drug activities are all adults who by all means have anobligation of consenting to any decisions in their lives.

Thespread of AIDS among prostitutionindividuals has been a result of involvementinsexual activities under the influence of drugs. Focusing on theresearch done in India is clear that many women in the business incontext take drugs and they do not refer to their participation insexual activity as body selling but rather a sex selling activitysince, they only do this to meet their needs. They are thereforeresponsible for setting the time, and the selection of theircustomer. It is an illegal business in any other street in the wholenation but, these women are open to sharing all they pursue whiletrying to give service to the consumers.

Theinformation about their problems was not collected easily because thesociety has always had different negative perceptions about theirparticipation in the sex business. Blame has always been on theirside for the alarming rates of HIV spread while the male counterpartshave been left out of the dock. Similarly, many people do not addressthe hostility of the environment and the violence of the customerstowards these women which haunts them more.

Thebiggest mistake the society and the national systems have failed isthat having highlighted prostitution as an illegal character, someparticipants may just need help to recover from it. The most basicsupport is counseling and guidance which can then be followed bytesting and then treatment. Many prostitutes find it very challengingto quit their jobs and become active community participants since anegative implication has always been entangled with the activity. Thefew who have escaped from it, have suffered the worst trauma in thesociety but, yet no one has taken the responsibility to help them.The community needs to look a prostitution differently and change thefilth in the society to ensure HIV/AIDS, and prostitution comes to anend.