Project Scope Statement essay

ProjectScope Statement


ProjectScope Statement

Thisproject is carried out to celebrate the union between Mr. JohnsonKerrie &amp Ms. Jane James(Young, 2013).The wedding ceremony will be at the groom’s church, New Life Churchin Colorado. The reception will be conducted in the evening at TheStanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado on October 29th,2016.

Thecouple wants to have a personalized Halloween Themed Wedding thatwould match their character. They would like to adhere to their$17,000 budget, and they have therefore, acquired LovelyCouples Wedding Consultantsto plan, and ensure that the vendors work to make their dream areality.

TheLovelyCouples Wedding Consultantswill be part of the vendors, but will outsource the reception sitebecause they do not have a venue suitable for the Halloween theme.Meetings will frequently be conducted for the consultants to updatethe betrothed on the progress.


Thecharter development entails contributions from the couple, and theconsultants(Young, 2013).It will guide the deliverables anticipated between the LovelyCoupleswho will be the Project Managers, and the Project Sponsors who arethe engaged couple. The LovelyCoupleswill plan, and have the ceremony carried out on October 29th,2016 at the New Life Church. They will organize for transportation,flowers with secret skulls both at the reception and for the bridalparty, and ensure there is music in both scenes. The menu at thereception will be by the couples’ specifications including toppingthe plates with spider napkin ring to bring a Halloween mood. Avideographer and a photographer will be tasked to document the event.The Halloween themed cake will be handled by an outsourced bakery,but the consultants will ensure it is delivered.

Thewedding will start at the church at 12 noon, followed by thereception at 3 pm with two hours of cocktail for the 50 guests.Dinner will then follow, and the consultants will be there to ensurethe event runs as planned. Their services will be required frommorning until five hours after the start of the reception. Anyadditional hour will call for a fee of $ 300 per hour. A review ofthe plan will then be conducted by the consultants and the couple.This will ensure that plan is in line with their needs. In case ofany deviations, corrections will be done to suit their dream.


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