Project Charter (PC) essay

ProjectCharter (PC)

ProjectTopic: Removing a Beached Whale

Sponsor:Oregon State 03/06/16

ProjectManager: Client Project Customer: Oregon StateResidents

ProjectPurpose: The purpose of this project is to remove a dead stinkingwhale that beached at the show.


Thestate of Oregon woke up to a unique problem that it has neverexperienced. The residents living next to the beach have witnessed a45 foot, 8 tons dead whale that has been beached a the show raisingthe question of what to do with the whale or how to solve theproblem. The whale described as dead on arrival at the beach nearFlorence had started stinking and given the reason that it`s longsince a whale was washed off the show to the beach, no one inherentlyknows what to do with the dead animal. Several solutions have beensuggested with burying the animal being one of them, but the downsideof that would be that the water will soon uncover the carcass. Thechoice to cut the animal into pieces and then bury it is alsoplausible, but no one is willing the cut it. However, burning theanimal as a third option equally raises some environmental concerns.There are suggestions to blow up the animal in the blast and thepieces of the explosion be taken care of by the water. The problemwith blowing the creature regards the number of explosives that willbe required to disintegrate the dead carcass. Nonetheless, thesuggested solution to remove the animal from the beach show is toblow it up using explosives.


Therequirements for blowing up the carcass will include explosives,tractors, and workforce.

WorkBreakdown Structure

Thetasks will include surrounding the whale with some explosives, movingthe nearby population to safety, and blowing up the carcass using theexplosives.

Theblown up pieces will be collected using the tractors and buried nearthe water with the smaller parts allowed to be washed by the seawater. The risks involved in this venture include the possibility ofthe exploded carcass hitting the onlookers around.


Theestimated budget for this project will be determined by the cost ofthe explosives used.


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