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TheTragedy of Romeo and Juliet

1)Main idea

InShakespeare`s tragedy `Romeo and Juliet,` we find a quiet, seeminglyobscure character named Benvolio .Even though Benvolio is a minorcharacter in the play, he is recognized as a staunch Pacific andaround character. He also displays some attributes of stability and apeacemaker.


Benvolioappears for the first time in Act One when the servants of theCapulet household had a confrontation with Montague`s house servantas part of their continuing quarrel. The Prince of Verona hasexpressed fears concerning the frequent fighting involving the twofamilies, and their skirmishes usually obstruct the peace.


Asthe two servants start the fight, Benvolio attempt to separate themby saying, ‘part, fools! Put up your swords you don’t understandwhat you are doing,’ (1.1) warning them to stop immediately beforethe situation moves to a dangerous level. Furthermore, he also quotedsome of Jesus`s last words on the cross, (Luke 23:34a) Fatherforgives them theirs sins since they are not aware of their sinfulactions.


Mathewis the first book in the New Testament as Jesus is recognized as apeacemaker Benvolio also takes the responsibility of a peacemaker inthe first act of the play. Benvolio is a great crusader of peace whowanted to achieve it at all cost. For instance, he uses Christianityand peaceful words, and when it fails, he convinces Juliet`s cousinTybalt who was known for his hot-tempered trait to stop the fight byusing his sword.

5)Trustworthy Friend

Benvoliois also trustworthy apart from being a peacemaker. After the twoservants ended their confrontation in the town square, Benvoliovividly explains to Lord and Lady Montague the information of whathappened. He doesn’t favour any party but gives a credibleinformation.


Benvoliofurther explains to Lord and Lady Montague that he has unsuccessfullytried more than one occasion to find Romeo hoping to speak to him.Even though he has no idea of what is disturbing his cousin Romeo, heis determined to help and provide necessary solution. Eventually,Romeo expresses what is troubling him, Benvolio responded by sayingthat he would weep what is oppressing Romeo`s heart.


Benvoliois more than just a friend and a cousin to Romeo, his relationshipwith Romeo has no boundary. He is very sensitive and explains to Lordand Lady Montague that something must be troubling Romeo. However,when Romeo reveals what is ailing him, Benvolio shows hiscompassionate trait by saying that he will weep what is oppressingRomeo`s heart. Interestingly, Rosaline was the source of all thesetroubles which forced Romeo to lose his sleep for many days.


Benvoliois a wise man who is seen by the majority as a solution to most oftheir problems. Most characters seek his pieces of advice since he isnot bias and not afraid to speak the truth.


WhenRosaline rejected Romeo, Benvolio encouraged his cousin to neglecther and give freedom to his eyes by examining other ladies (1.1).Additionally, he cheer Romeo by saying that if that his cousincompares Rosaline to other young women he Knows, they `will make theethink thy swan a crow` (1.2). Romeo is reluctant at the first time togate crush into a Capulet masquerade party, this is where he comesacross his new catch Juliet and do away with his old memories withformer admirer Rosaline.


Thetitle of this play ‘Juliet and Romeo’ is brought into realitybecause Romeo incorporated the advice from Benvolio thus ending upmeeting with Juliet at Capulet masquerade party. Benvolio also makesa good counsellor since he is the one who wanted peace most makinghim the best peacemaker.


Thetopic reflects the actual characteristics of Benvolio and how hisemotions do change throughout the play. As a sensible mediator, itreaches a time when Benvolio portrays a less reasonable character.For instance, convincing Romeo to go to the ball will enable him tosee how Rosaline compares to other beauties in Verona. However,Benvolio fails to notice that going to an enemy’s house is a stupididea which can result in grave consequences. At this point, Benvoliofailed to act with the sense as expected of him.


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