Professional Goals essay



Goalscan be classified as either short- or long-term. Short-termobjectives are achievable within a condensed time-frame (Effing etal., 2012). The goals usually take a period of less than one year. Onthe other hand, long-term objectives take a period of more 12 monthsor one year to be achieved (Koen et al., 2013).


Havinga study schedule and following it effectively

Oneof my short-term goals is having a study plan that will act as aguide on how to conduct my studies efficiently. I would like to makeefforts of adhering to the study plan throughout the term to enhancemy reading efficiency.

Polishingon my note taking skills

Notetaking is a useful tool for studying. Good notes taking helps inimproving study skills and hence make an individual an effectivelearner (Bedford &amp Wilson, 2013). I want to advance my notetaking skills in the next two weeks so as to improve my performancein class.

Makingsure that I do my assignments on time

Classassignments essential when one is still in school. Assignments act asfollow-ups in ensuring that an individual understands what they weretaught in class (Schunk &amp Mullen, 2013). I want to make sure thisterm that I submit all my assignments on time.


Completingmy nursing course successfully

Iwant to finish my nursing course successfully and ensure that I havepassed all the papers flawlessly.


Aftercompleting my course, graduating from the college will be my mainagenda. I would ensure that I graduate with an impressive nursingcertificate after my studies.

Gettinga job in nursing field

Obtainingan employment in the nursing field would be my primary focus aftergraduating. I would put extra initiatives in securing a good job inthe nursing field after the completion of the nursing course.


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