Procrastination essay

Forme to deliver my homework to the teacher on time, it always takes anextra effort because, in the entire term, the times when I havedelivered my homework on time are countable. The fact that theseinstances are few is not a celebration on my part, but a failure thatI always strive to overcome. Personally, I have been procrastinatingdoing my home works all the time always imagining that I have all thetime in the world to do it later. I believe that procrastination hasthe capability of being one of my weaknesses. Notably, if one is usedto procrastination, he or she welcomes failure. From my perspective,procrastination is the act of calling off something with long-termgain, in support of doing something that is emotionally rewardingbasically for the short-term gain. is a symptom.Subsequently, those affected must look for the solution or cure tothe source.

In our present generation where one cannot live without thecomputers, the video game has made life very enjoyable with amajority of people opting to spend their time indoors rather thanoutdoors. For me, this has been my greatest problem since itaccounts for the reason why I procrastinate doing my homework. Thereis a competition in our house between my brother and me in playingvideo games, the satisfaction that one gets when he wins has alwaysbeen a reason for me to procrastinate the homework. Peopleprocrastinate because of finding a certain task unpleasanttherefore, they avoid doing it. Doing homework has equally been atiresome venture for me making it easier to procrastinate it.However, individuals who are well organized have no tendencies toprocrastinate (Burka &amp Yuen, 2008). I have thus purposed to startworking on my problem and deliver my homework on time.


Burka,J., &amp Yuen, L. (2008). :Why you do it, what to do about it now.New York: Da Capo Press.