Process Analysis essay




Thepaper below offers the processes to be followed by an organization tofully and effectively solve conflicts in workplaces. This is based onthe premise that, conflicts in the workplace are investable asemployees possess different opinions as well as personalities(American Management Association, 2016). Further, conflicts may alsooccur between an organization and its other stakeholders such as thegovernment, suppliers among others.

Step1: Identificationof the conflict

Duringthis process, the relevant information regarding the source ofconflict is obtained. For instance, important questions such as whatcaused the incident? , when did you start to feel upset? among othersare asked at this stage. Therefore, it is crucial for a mediator togive both parties enough chances to share their side of the story.

Step2: Lookingbeyond the Incident

Inthis process, the perspective of the situation causing conflict iscarefully focused on. For instance, job-related stress may result tothe conflict between two parties, thus making it hard for them toaddress the real issue.

Step3: Requestingfor Solutions

Inthis process, the mediator seeks the viewpoint of the concernedparties on how to solve the conflict. Important questions such as howcan you make things work for both of you ? among others are addressedat this level.

Step4: Identifyingsolutions both parties agrees on

Thepoint of merit regarding the various ideas offered is identified.However, they should all be in line with the goals and vision of theorganization. For instance, the need to ensure collaboration as wellas cooperation between various departments may be stressed at thislevel.

Step5: Agreement

Inthis stage, mediator requires the parties aggrieved to shake hands toone or more alternatives reached at stage 4. Further, they mayrequire the parties concerned to write a contract containing timeframe and actions to be followed (American Management Association,2016).

Byfollowing such a process, work-related conflicts will significantlybe reduced, thus higher productivity both in the short and long-term.


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