Principles Taken From the Course That Will Guide Me in the Research essay

PrinciplesTaken From the Course That Will Guide Me in the Research

PrinciplesTaken From the Course That Will Guide Me in the Research

Ascientific research follows a set of rules and principles for it tobe credible and reliable. I will be guided by four principles in myresearch. The first principles require a researcher to come up with astudy question can be successfully investigated empirically. Aresearch question should be posed in a way that will result in ascientific breakthrough (Derntl, 2014).

Secondly,the research should be linked to the theory. Theories provideconceptual models that guide researchers in exploring and explainingdifferent aspects of the world (Luse, Mennecke &amp Townsend, 2012).However, the theory selected should be able to provide a frameworkthat is relevant to the topic of study.

Third,it will be important to select the right methodology that will allowa proper investigation of the study question. A research method thatis directly linked to the problem being investigated allowsresearchers to develop a logical reasoning that makes the findingsmore useful and applicable (Luse, Mennecke &amp Townsend, 2012). Theresearcher should be able to select one out of the available methods(including the qualitative, cross-section, quantitative, andlongitudinal among others) since it is not possible to use all ofthese strategies in a single study.

Fourth,it will be important to observe the recommended ethical standards ina scientific study. This includes the use of informed consent toensure that the rights of the participants are respected (Fouka &ampMantzorou, 2011).

Althoughthe four principles aforementioned are sufficient to conduct ascientific study, I might require more clarification on the rightstrategies that can be used to ensure that the findings aregeneralized.

Inconclusion, a scientific study should be based on several principles,including the selection of a suitable research question, theoreticalframework, methodology, and ethical guidelines. These principlesensure that the findings are reliable.


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