Principles of Management essay

Principlesof Management


Inthe current world, management cuts across many events conducted inour daily lives. Organization of activities and strategies to followa given desired approach is met by the administration. In efforts toachieve a right and proper system, therefore, those involved areobliged to ensuring they remain within an identified bracket that isdetermined by the several virtues of management discussed below.

  1. What is the issue? What is the source of information?

Theissues highlighted in this article is the models that are fundamentalto any successful management and leadership actions at the respectiveplaces. It suggests the appropriate techniques organizations requireto foster their ruling actions within their internal operation. Thesource of this article is a journal by Wren, D.A. sourced fromthe

  1. How does the issue affect the management of a company?

Lackof enthusiastic managers, for instance, is a clear indicator offailure for any business. Exercising the principles suggested in thearticle has seen many companies grow and become very competitivewithin the markets. Poor management would cause wrangles between theauthority and the workers, and this would lead to losses and evenfailure of the company. A good example is Roger Communications Canada who had to hire a sales customer manager from Google improve its services. The best solutions for the weak governorshipis withdrawal from power and demotions.

  1. How does the economy of U.S affect the issue?

Thedevelopment of the economy of U.S.A requires a tally in theemployment skills for those to take up the leadership positions. Ithas, therefore, forces many individuals to pursue leadership trainingbefore they apply for the vacancies. There has been a report on theskills gap in management, and many economists have explained that themajority of the skilled worker have gone to offer services overseasleaving a threat in the business in U.S.A.

  1. How does legislation affect the issue?

Sincemany cooperation is after profit making, they might overlook therights of the workers. The laws of each nation are enacted to ensurethe human rights are protected. Cases of employing children, poorwages to the employees and insurance policies are all regulated bythe legislative bodies. Many nations have left this area unattended since many companies ranging from the public to the private sectionhave experienced workers’ strikes for allegedly low pay and poorhuman right considerations. It is therefore, an obligation of thelegislation to protect its citizens and the cooperate industry.

  1. What is your opinion on the issue?

Finally,I would argue that leaders are not born but rather are made. It isnot easy for anyone in authority to practice the essential virtues ofgood management but through training, it has proved to work in manyareas of applications such as industries.


Wren, D. B. (2002). The Foundation of Henry Fayol`s Administrative Theory. Management Decision, 906-918.