Primitivism essay

Itis not possible to live without primitivism in fact, a world withoutprimitivism is inconceivable. The most interesting point is thatthere is no single culture sheltered from globalization.Consequently, even the most advanced technology, as of the currenttime, shall become obsolete with the passage of time as a part of theevolution. Primitiveness serves as an indicator of progress. Thecomparison of what there is at the current time, to what existed along time ago, relives the modern man. Through primitivism, man canappreciate the change in thinking, culture and the living styles.Besides, primitivism challenges the modern man to observe into thefuture and predict the possible developments in the humanenvironment. The concept about rendering the Quai Branley museumobsolete before opening it was an indicator that people fail toappreciate the past. Museums are an important aspect of the currentlife as they help to display the human evolution.Thekey stereotype issue in the text is the description of Africans assavages. The text stipulates that African children scour garbage cansand dumps to recover the leftovers of the whites. Besides, the textalso provides that African children recover tin cans for making toysdestined for the children belonging to the whites. It is a typicalstereotype that most of the Africans are poor and depend ondonations. The stereotype emanates from related stereotyping thatmost of Africa is a jungle, and consequently, Africans do not engagein economic-building activities. The idea that African children makecars for the whites children emanates from the adage slave tradewhere Africans were used as slaves by the whites.Doesthe recycling of industrial waste appear primitive due to itsassociation with garbage? (Page 985 first paragraph). Recycling wasteis a way to create sustainability. Consequently, the relationshipwith the past should always be welcome by humankind.Areall Africans poor? (Page 985 first paragraph). The fact that majorityof Africa is associated with poverty does not imply that everyAfrican is weak. There are wealthy Africans with diversified wealth,just like the Americans.