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Dynamic Designs Executive Briefing


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  1. Subject

  1. This briefing document, on the employee motivation situation at Dynamic Designs, has been prepared in connection with the meeting held on May 12, 2016, between the C.O.O and the HR Sr. Manager.

  1. Key Issues

  1. Staff members, especially in the Engineering Department, have consistently displayed tendencies that depict a lack of motivation.

  2. Staff members feel dissociated from the decision-making process in the company.

  3. A significant employee turnover in the Engineering Department has been realized over the past few months possibly because a Senior Director was transferred to a competitor firm.

  4. The company’s lifeline is dependent on a new line of products, which require significant input on the part of the staff members in the Engineering Department.

  5. Low cash levels have prompted the C.F.O to send a memo to all departments, requiring them to monitor their expenses.

  1. Possible Solutions




    1. Developing awareness regarding the freedom of employees and their right to have choices and goals will contribute significantly to an increase in motivational levels (ZAMEER, Alireza, NISAR, &amp AMIR, 2014).


    1 to 2 months

    1. Recognizing the priorities that employees have, beyond their work, is key to advancing motivation within the organization. For instance, assuring employees that their jobs are safe and giving them time to be with family and friends helps improve employee motivation and loyalty (2014).


    2 months

    1. A change in attitude towards employees fosters overall organizational motivation. By informing employees about the issues affecting the business, seeking their views on how things should be done, and putting in place good and comfortable working conditions, employees feel valued and motivated to work even harder (2014).


    4 months

    1. Implementing practical and achievable objectives helps employees to gain insight on what is required from them. Accurate knowledge of company objectives is critical to motivating employees (2014).


    2 months

    1. Communication with staff members will be prioritized. When information on the issues affecting the organization is given to employees, they feel like they are part of the company this fosters motivation on the part of the employees (2014).


    1 month

    1. Limiting damage where disagreements arise. This end can be achieved by a) emphasizing on the areas of agreement and separating facts from opinions, b) listening to what the employees have to say, and c) acknowledging the views of employees even if they run contrary to those of their superiors (2014).


    2 months

    1. Work will be designed to meet the various needs of the employees. Issues such as ambition will be considered. For instance, the employees who have the willingness or capacity to learn new skills faster than others will be placed in fast-paced environments (2014).

  2. Recommendations

Outliningreasonable and achievable goals may have the greatest impact on theorganization. If people have no idea what is expected of them, theywill not be motivated to work. Thus, ensuring that the targets thathave been set are practical and achievable will contribute immenselytowards the achievement of the bigger picture of the organization.Employees will also enjoy being part of these goals (ZAMEER,Alireza, NISAR, &amp AMIR, 2014).


ZAMEER,H., Alireza, S., NISAR, W., &amp AMIR, M. (2014). The Impact ofMotivation on Employees’ Performance in the Beverage Industry ofPakistan. IJARAFMS,4(1).

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