Practicum Journal Entry essay

PracticumJournal Entry

Womenare subjected to numerous screenings to ensure that their health isguaranteed. The screenings are meant for health purposes and enablingwomen to stay fit physically. The universal screenings that women aresubjected to include blood pressure, bone density screen cholesterolcheck, pelvic exams and pap smears, breast and mammograms exams, colon cancer screening , blood glucose tests, body mass index,dental check-up and skin examination (Rodriguez, 2016).

Healthscreening among women differs depending on their age. The screeningcan be done on females of 18-39 as well as 40-64 years old. Thescreening for young women is done because of the medical issues thatthat arise in the course of their lifetime. They should be aware ofthe future medical problems that they are likely to face based on thescreening results. They will be encouraged to lead a healthylifestyle as well as receiving the vaccinations that are up to date(MedinePlus, 2016).

Similarly,the older women will be advised on how to minimize the healthchallenges they face and the lifestyles they can adopt to reducefurther impacts. The tests will be a confirmatory test to thedisorders that were not detected at an early age. The diseases likeobesity and diabetes will be better tested in this age bracket(MedinePlus, 2016).

Thesedifferences have an implication in the clinical environment. Thereare health problems that should be screened in advance before theyworsen among the females. Such testing is done at an early age sothat proper precautions can be taken. Similarly, other conditions canonly be detected at an older age compared to the early periods.Screening should, therefore, be done across the lifetime of allfemales to minimize the impact of possible infections (NationalWomen’s Health Resource Center, 2016).


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