Practicum Journal essay




NursingPractitioners are advanced nursing professionals who play animportant role in clinical settings. They provide a wide range ofservices. Nursing practitioners are responsible for diagnosis ofdiseases, which include recording patient’s history, ordering formedical procedures and tests as well as conducting physicalexaminations. They are also responsible for treatment and managementof diseases, prescription of drugs and coordinating cases thatrequire referrals (Mary &amp Ellen, 2010). Nursing practitioners arealso responsible for promoting health lifestyles, immunizations,diseases prevention and general health education. Due to their levelof experience, nursing practitioners can work in clinical settingswithout the supervision of a physician or a doctor. Nonetheless, in anormal clinical setting, a nursing practitioner works with otherhealth care professionals such as doctors, registered nurses, andspecialists to promote health outcomes (Hoyt &amp Proehl, 2011,Institute of Medicine, 2011).

Mymain goals and objectives in the nursing practicum experience are toacquire relevant experience in the various professional fields inwhich I will be required to work as a nursing practitioner. Some ofthe specialty and nursing practice areas that I will work towardsgaining experience include acute care nursing, family health nursing,midwifery, psychiatric nursing, oncology nursing and geriatric healthnursing (Fairman et al, 2011). My overall objective of the nursingpracticum experience is to enhance my nursing experience in themanagement of diverse health care issues. This will enable me to becomfortable and effectively deal with the responsibilities of anursing practitioner in any clinical setting. The timelines for thepracticum activities will be dependent on several factors such as theclinical setting and the preceptor or preceptors. The timeline willtake into consideration the required credits and clinical practicehours required for certification. I would begin with family practiceand progress with other areas depending on the clinical setting.


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