Practicum Assignment Strengths essay



Themajor strengths that I portrayed throughout the process of treatingthe patients include knowledge of all the procedures that should befollowed in administration of anesthesia and injections, the abilityto remain calm and focused while facing critical conditions, and goodcommunication skills while communicating with the patients. Theability to follow all the stipulated procedures is an effective skillthat helps in avoidance of small accidents. Following all theprocedures is an effective process that allows proper administrationto all patients. The ability to keep calm is an essential skill thathelps in handling critical situations effectively. Consequently, goodcommunication skills help in maintaining proper relationship betweenthe patient and physicians.


Iencountered some challenges that included increased reliance onmanuals and inability to control emotions. Increased reliance onnursing manuals is deemed strength but it could be an underdoingduring critical moments. Increased emotions during the practicals arealso another weakness that could easily lead to deaths of patients ifnot controlled. Increasing the time I spent with the patients is oneof the ways I plan to use to increase my mental strength. Dedicatingmore time to visit the patients will consequently reduce myweaknesses.


Themain clinical skills that I need to acquire are fluid eliminationand balance, wounds and dressing, and basic life support. Fluidelimination and balance deals with types of catheters, night bags,and charts. Ability to master all the fluid balance charts willenable me to easily assist many patients at a go. Wounds and dressingforms one of the basic skills that I should be able to master beforethe end of the program. Ability to dress wounds is essential becauseit forms the initial stage of treatment of deep wounds. To masterthese clinical skills, I will seek the help of more experiencednurses and enroll for extra coaching.

Historyof advanced practice nurses

In1985, a group of practitioners met in Pennsylvania under an appletree to discuss the need for all NPs of all expertise to develop aunified voice (Chang et al., 2015). Through this, they developed AANPwhich was mandated with airing the grievances of nurses. To keeprelevance formation of a unified body was essential in achieving thisgoal. The current increase in the number of deaths has resulted inthe need to have competent anesthetics experts. Through increasedresearch, I plan to develop effective measures that will reduce thenumber of deaths in theatres.


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