Practical experiences in clinical work Students essay

Practicalexperiences in clinical work


Documentationof Practical Experiences in Clinical Work

Self-assessment in clinical work is a worthy exercise particularlyassessment of knowledge and accuracy in performance. Self- assessmentpromotes professional advancement and continued identification ofself-weaknesses. It enables one to analyze and reflect on his her/herconduct and evaluate themselves on the basis of ethical standards.Below is a documentation of my practical experiences and theirrelationship to my professional goals.

Thedilemma in cases where one has to choose between two equallyunacceptable choices (Albarran, 2009). A case like this was one wherea patient was recommended to take a therapy session to prolong herlife, but it would compromise the quality of her life. The role of anurse is to protect and promote the quality of life for patients buthowever act in the interest of the patient. These two options areethically troubling, and therefore, the concept of ethicaldecision-making prevails.

Anotherexperience that resulted into a moral dilemma was an instance when anurse has to choose between telling the truth and deceiving thepatient of her medical condition (Nix, 1997). In this case, thefamilies of my patient demanded that I should not tell my patient heractual medical condition because it would cause panic and create moreharm than good. However, every patient has the right to access allinformation he/she needs and as a nurse I respect that but in thiscase the decision should be ethical and protect the patient.

Variousissues affect efficient, ethical decision making. Drug and substanceabuse by the health professionals is one of them (Buppert, 2008).Such a case is when one of the physicians performed a surgery underthe influence of alcohol. He was confused and could not concentrateon the patient. He ended up performing a poor operation andprescribed wrong medication to the patient.


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