Post War Prosperity without Cold War essay

PostWar Prosperity without Cold War

Tobegin with, it is crucial for us to understand that the prosperitythat was experienced by the United States was a result of thetremendous advancement in technology. As a result, Americans did notexperience some of the major impacts of cold war (Hook,et al. 2015).

Fromthe above statement, we can derive that America would not experienceprosperity without the cold war. One of the primary reasons is thatthey would also have the hard task of recovering the losses they hadincurred during the war (Lucas,2014).In their case, they did not experience many losses and thus theydidn’t have a hard time to recover to their original state beforethey could start recording progress.

Besides,since they had little damage experienced, there were countableemployment opportunities for the Americans at that time. This is incontrast with other nations that participated in the war that hadinferior weapons that were technologically outdated. Such countrieshad to take longer to recover to their original state (Castañeda,2012).This is because the citizens of these countries had little access toemployment and their economies were a mess thus making it hard forthe countries to develop.

Anothersubstantial reason why America Prospered because of the cold war isdue to the migration and population boom. The people of the UnitedStates redistributed geographically and grew dramatically during thepostwar years. As a result, the Americans mobilized an improvement inthe transportation networks. Besides, in the 1950s and 1960s, mostof the Americans left the East for the Midwest, south and west andfederal grants in the regions contributed to their development(McCauley,2015).Due to these, America experienced prosperity compared to othernations.


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